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  1. Howell Equine Handbook of Tendon and Ligament Injuries
  2. Atlas en Color El pie del Caballo
  3. Handbook of Equine Wound Management, DC Knottenbelt
  4. Equine Radiographic Positioning Guide
  5. Color Atlas of Diseases and Disorders of the Horse
  6. Equine Dentistry: A Practical Guide
  7. Manual of Equine Field Surgery, with DVD
  8. Equine Stud Farm Medicine & Surgery
  9. Equine Reproductive Physiology, Breeding and Stud Management
  10. Practical Equine Dermatology
  11. Manual of Equine Anesthesia and Analgesia
  12. Equine Neurology
  13. Fertility and Obstetrics in the Horse, 3rd ed.
  14. Clinical Radiology of the Horse, 2nd ed.
  15. Lameness of the Horse, JV Lacroix
  16. Diseases of the horse's foot
  17. Equine Cardiology
  18. Equine Anatomy spanish version
  19. Suspensory Ligament Injuries in Horses
  20. Veterinary-Recent Advances in Equine Reproduction-Ball.BA-IV
  21. Handbuch Pferde praxis
  22. Horse (DK Eyewitness Books)
  23. Ultrasound Atlas with Anatomic Reference (French)
  24. Radiologic Atlas with Anatomic Reference (French)
  25. The Horse in Motion: The Anatomy and Physiology of Equine Locomotion
  26. Corrective Shoeing
  27. Equine Wound Management
  28. Equine Clinical Pharmacology
  29. Atlas of Equine Endoscopy
  30. Equine Internal Medicine (Second Edition)
  31. Equine Neonatal Medicine: A Case-Based Approach
  32. Equine Dermatology
  33. Equine Infectious Diseases
  34. Horse Care and Health
  35. Handbook of Equine Respiratory Endoscopy
  36. Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging - The Horse
  37. Diagnostic Cytology and Hematology of the Horse (Second Edition)
  38. Equine Ophthalmology
  39. Equine Surgery (Third Edition)
  40. A guide to equine injection and regional anesthesia
  41. Equine Geriatric Medicine and Surgery
  42. Equine Laminitis
  43. Gastric Ulceration in Horses: The role of bacteria and lactic acid
  44. Risk factors for injuries in Thoroughbred racehorses
  45. Equine Medicine and Surgery 4th Edition Vol. I. (spanish version)
  46. Manual of Equine Gastroenterology
  47. Equine Behavior: A Guide for Veterinarians and Equine Scientists
  48. Handbook of Equine Anaesthesia , 2nd edition
  49. Handbook of Equine Colic
  50. Handbook of Equine Radiography
  51. Equine Medicine and Surgery in practice
  52. Wound Care Management for the Equine Practitioner
  53. Die rektale Untersuchung beim Kolikpferd/The rectal examination of colics in horses
  54. Knowing Your Horse: A Guide to Equine Learning, Training and Behaviour
  55. Adams' Lameness in Horses 5th Edition (Spanish Version)
  56. Homeopathy and First Aid for Horses
  57. Equine joint disease
  58. Gastric Ulceration in Horses - The role of bacteria and lactic acid
  59. Horse Safe: A Complete Guide to Equine Safety
  60. Bleeding in Racehorses
  61. Equine Back Pathology Diagnosis and Treatment
  62. Equine Medicine and Surgery 4th Edition Vol. II. (Spanish version)
  63. Diagnostic Techniques in Equine Medicine (Second Edition)
  64. Horses (Animals Animals)
  65. Equine Exercise Physiology: The Science of Exercise in the Athletic Horse
  66. Managing Horses on Small Properties
  67. Honest Horses: Wild Horses In The Great Basin
  68. Building Your Dream Horse' by Charles Wilhelm
  69. A Good Horse Is Never a Bad Color
  70. Equine Laminitis - Managing Pasture to ReduceThe Risk
  71. Plants Poisonous to Horses - An Australian Field Guide
  72. Training and Fitness in Athletic Horses
  73. Diagnosis and Management of Lameness in the Horse
  74. Equine Podiatry
  75. Special Needs, Special Horses: A Guide to the Benefits of Therapeutic Riding
  76. Equine Australian Veterinary Emergency Plan (AUSVETPLAN)
  77. Biology of Rhodococcus (Microbiology Monographs)
  78. Veterinary Treatment for Working Equines
  79. Horse Sense: The Guide to Horse Care in Australia and New Zealand (Landlinks Press)
  80. Equine diagnostic ultrasound
  81. Equine Scintigraphy
  82. The All-Around Horse and Rider
  83. Atlas d'Echographie Interpretations avec des Reference Anatomique
  84. Equine Medicine secrets
  85. Guía Práctica de Artrocéntesis en el Caballo
  86. Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery
  87. Horses ( Great Pets )
  88. Equine Emergencies: Treatment and Procedures
  89. 49th British Equine Veterinary Association Congress, 2010
  90. Principles of Equine Dentistry
  91. Equine Ophthalmology (Second Edition)
  92. Equine Dentistry (3rd Edition)
  93. The Equine Distal Limb: An Atlas of Clinical Anatomy and Comparative Imaging
  94. Color Atlas Of The Horse's Foot - Mosby 2000 ( Complete )
  95. Mule Production
  96. Horse Dictionary - Terminology Of Horse Industry
  97. Life on a Horse Farm (Life on a Farm)
  98. Equine Anesthesia (Second Edition)
  99. Roarer- Recurrent Laryngeal Neuropathy in Horses
  100. Developmental Orthopaedic Disease in Horses
  101. The Synchronisation of Oestrus and Ovulation in the Mare
  102. Equine Exotic Diseases
  103. AAEVT's Equine Manual for Veterinary Technicians
  104. Diagnosis and Management of Lameness in the Horse - 2nd Edition
  105. 1- Understanding Equine Colic
  106. 2- Understanding the Equine Foot
  107. 3- Understanding Equine Hoof Care
  108. 5- Understanding Equine Neurological Disorders
  109. 4- Understanding Laminitis
  110. Equine eBooks , The largest original collection 2011
  111. 6- Understanding EPM
  112. 7- Understanding Equine Medications
  113. 8- Understanding Equine Nutrition
  114. 9- Understanding Basic Horse Care
  115. 10- Understanding Equine First Aid
  116. 11- Understanding Equine Preventive Medicine
  117. 12- Understanding Equine Acupuncture
  118. 13- Understanding the Broodmare
  119. 14- Understanding Breeding Management
  120. 15- Understanding Your Horse's Behavior
  121. Drugs and the Performance Horse , 1981
  122. Equine MRI , 1st ed. 2011
  123. Illustrated Guide to Equine Diseases , 1st ed. 2009
  124. 16- Understanding Horse Behavior
  125. 17- Understanding the Young Horse
  126. 18- Understanding the Older Horse
  127. 19- Understanding the Pony
  128. 20- Understanding the stallion
  129. 21- Understanding the Foal
  130. 22- Understanding Equine Business Basics
  131. 23- Understanding Your Horse's Weight
  132. 24- Smart Horse : Understanding the Science of Natural Horsemanship
  133. 25- Professional Care of the Racehorse : A Guide to Grooming, Feeding, and Handling t
  134. The Encyclopedia of the Horse
  135. Equine Respiratory Medicine and Surgery
  136. Э. Робинсон Болезни лошадей
  137. Atlas of Equine Surgery - Saunders 2000
  138. Equine Husbandry & Equestrian Sports
  139. AO Principles of Equine Osteosynthesis - 2001
  140. Diarrhoeal Diseases in Horses in Australia
  141. Studies of the Movement of the Equine Pelvis: Sacroiliac kinematics
  142. Rattles in Foals
  143. Horses For D*mmies (For D*mmies (Pets))
  144. Detection of Snake Venom in Horse Urine and Plasma
  145. Placentitis: A major cause of late term foetal loss
  146. The Development of Horse Embryonic and Amnion Derived Stem Cells
  147. Prolonging Stallion Semen Viability for Artificial Insemination
  148. Equine Amnionitis and Foetal Loss: The role of caterpillars
  149. Risk Factors for Gastric Ulceration in Thoroughbred Racehorses
  150. Identification of Horses with Resistance to Small Strongyles
  151. A Prospective Study of Presale Radiographs of Thoroughbred Yearlings
  152. The effect of swimming training on cardiac dimensions in thoroughbreds
  153. Prevention and Control of Lower Airway Inflammation in Horses
  154. What Causes Equine Laminitis? The role of impaired glucose uptake
  155. Back Pain in Horses: Epaxial Musculature
  156. Exercise-induced pulmonary haemorrhage in Thoroughbred race horses
  157. Shin soreness in Thoroughbred racehorses
  158. Inflammatory Airway Disease in Young Thoroughbred horses
  159. Safe and effective grain feeding for horses
  160. Nutrition of Grazing Broodmares, Their Foals and Young Horses
  161. Strangles in horses
  162. Proceeding of the Equine Nutrition and Pastures for Horses Workshop
  163. Melanoma and the Greying Horse
  164. Anatomía Clinica del Caballo
  165. Anatomie des Pferdes (German Language)
  166. Heart Disease in Australian Horses
  167. Imagerie de l'Appareil Locomoteur du Cheval - Images de Reference
  168. Histopathology of Mares Aborting Due to Equine Amnionitis and Foetal Loss
  169. Complete Horse Care Manual
  170. Clinical Veterinary Advisor: The Horse
  171. Color Atlas of Veterinary Anatomy, Volume 2: The Horse (2nd Ed. 2011)
  172. Equine Internal Medicine, 3rd Edition
  173. Stimulating Muscle Activity to reduce 'Roaring' in horses
  174. A Study of Disease on Equine Stud Farms
  175. Using Alfaxalone as an Anaesthetic in Horses
  176. Soft Palate Disease in Horses
  177. Electrical Stimulation to Improve Horse Leg Stability
  178. Adams and Stashak's Lameness in Horses (6th-Edition)
  179. Atlas de Radiologia de las Extremidades del Caballo
  180. Equine Science, 3rd ed
  181. Care and Management of Horses
  182. Equid Ethogram A Practical Field Guide to Horse Behavior
  183. Racetrack management: A Manual for Racecourse Managers
  184. Immunity in foals
  185. AAEP 51st Annual Convention Proceedings 2005
  186. Equine Surgery, 4th Edition 2012
  187. Osteopathy and the Treatment of Horses
  188. Equitation Science
  189. Equine Pediatric Medicine
  190. The Equine Hospital Manual
  191. Performance diagnosis and purchase examination of elite sport horses
  192. Management of lameness causes in sport horses
  193. Breeder's Guide to Mare, Foal & Stallion Care
  194. The Blood-Horse Authoritative Guide to Pinhooking for Profit
  195. The Blood-Horse Authoritative Guide to Breeding Thoroughbreds
  196. Insulin-Induced Laminitis - An investigation of the disease mechanism in horses
  197. Investigation into the Cause of Australian Stringhalt
  198. The Pharmacokinetics of Equine Medications
  199. Applying Equine Science: Research into Business
  200. The Original Horse Bible: The Definitive Source for All Things Horse
  201. Beating Muscle Injuries (GERMAN)
  202. Die Tellington Methode (GERMAN)
  203. Empfehlungen für Planung, Bau und Instandhaltung von Reitplätzen im Freien (GERMAN)
  204. Racing Horses - Bill O'Gorman
  205. DNA Profiling of Horse Urine Samples to Confirm Donor Identity
  206. Horse & Rider USA - April 2012 (HQ PDF)
  207. Horse Senses
  208. The Field Guide to Horses
  209. McIlwraith and Turner's Equine Surgery complete scanning books
  210. Clinical Anatomy of the Horse.
  211. Equine Respiratory Diseases
  212. The Equine Veterinary Nursing Manual
  213. Encyclopedia of the Horse
  214. Homeopathy for Horses
  215. Diagnostic and Surgical Arthroscopy in the Horse
  216. The Book of Mules: Selecting, Breeding, and Caring for Equine Hybrids
  217. Equine Artificial Insemination
  218. The Importance of Social Relationships in Horses
  219. Equine Miology
  220. The Horse Illustrated Guide to Buying a Horse
  221. The Ultimate Horse Behavior and Training Book
  222. How Your Horse Wants You to Ride Starting Out, Starting Over
  223. Molecular monitoring of equine joint homeostasis
  224. 1000 Famous Horses Fact & Fictional Throughout the Ages 2011
  225. Horses and Other Animals in Motion: 45 Classic Photographic Sequences
  226. Global Health and the Sport Horse
  227. Racing Against Time
  228. Equine Sanctuary & Rescue Facility Guidelines
  229. Rontgendiagnostik in der Pferdepraxis
  230. Galloping Across the U.S.A. Horses in American Life
  231. Kreative Bodenarbeit Basistraining und Erziehung an der Hand
  232. Mini-Curso Odontologia Equina
  233. Horse People Scenes from the Riding Life
  234. Business Management in Equine Industry
  235. Handbook of Equine Parasite Control
  236. Practical Guide to Equine Colic
  237. Introduction to Horse Biology
  238. Rooney's Guide to the Dissection of the Horse
  239. Advances in Equine Laparoscopy
  240. Anatomy of the Horse - 6th Edition
  241. Adams and Stashak's Lameness in Horses - 6th Ed.
  242. Pascoe's Principles and Practice of Equine Dermatology
  243. Clinical Radiology of the Horse, 3rd Edition
  244. Advances in Equine Laparoscopy Supplementary Material
  245. Equine Clinical Medicine, Surgery and Reproduction
  246. Equine Health and Emergency Management 1st edition
  247. "Horses" Great Pets
  248. Horses and Horsemanship at the Athenian Agora
  249. Equine Injury, Therapy and Rehabilitation, 3rd ed.
  250. Maladies des Chevaux Manuel Pratique