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  1. [CD Version] Veterinary Ultrasonography: Small animal abdomen
  2. Equine Anatomy in Radiology
  3. Veterinary Radiology
  4. An Illustrated Guide to Veterinary Medical Terminology Second edition [CD Only]
  5. The Merck Veterinary Manual
  6. [Made By Me] Visual Guide For Bovine Reproduction
  7. Veterinary Neurology (CD version) - Spanish
  8. Tilley´s 5-minute veterinary consult: Canine and Feline
  9. Dellmann's Textbook of Veterinary Histology (CD only)
  10. Small Animal Echography (in French)
  11. Small Animal osteosynthesis interactive CD (in French)
  12. Veterinary Radiographic Anatomy
  13. Diseases of Poultry, 11th Edition [CD-ROM Version]
  14. Anatomy of cattle, horse and dog (swf)
  15. Interactive Dermatology (Dogs)
  16. Gestión Veterinaria freeware
  17. Novartis Animated Guide to Orthopedic Conditions
  18. dairy cd
  19. Pfizer Veterinary Sedation
  20. Diagnostic en dermatologie féline (CD)
  21. Guide to auscultation of the healthy and diseased heart
  22. Ultrasonographic evaluation of Pregnancy in Bitch
  23. Radiographic Anatomy of the Equine Extremities
  24. [CD]Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics for the Veterinary Technician
  25. Taenia Solium: A Common Parasite Affecting Global Health
  26. Hayel warranty for VETERINARy Medicine
  27. Interactive biochemistry
  28. [CD] The Glass Horse
  29. BEVA Equine dentistry course - Dental Disorders (Power Poinf File)
  30. Ageing of horses
  31. Large animal internal medicine [Companion CD]
  32. Aspectos prácticos de la necrópsia del ganado bovino [UAB]
  33. Atlas of Cardiac Radiology - Dogs
  34. merial cardiology
  35. heart physiology software
  36. Les Sutures en Chirurgie Vétérinaire [CD]
  37. Companion CD to Small Animal Arthroscopy
  38. Kymograph simulator
  39. Interactive Physiology 10-System Suite
  40. Program about care of sheeps and lambs
  41. equine extremites
  42. enfermedades infecciosas del perro y el gato BAYER
  43. Neurologia veterinaria en caninos y felinos (spanish)
  44. [CD] Reproducion de la vaca
  45. Atlas de Doenas(equi,bov,ovi,sui) Medicina Veterinria
  46. diagnstico diferencial en la reproducion de ganado
  47. Microbes in Motion 3 CD-ROM (CD-ROM)
  48. DNA interactive DVD
  49. Necropsie suine/Swine necropsy interactive
  50. Biochemical Interactions, Inthttp://pixhost.ws/pictures/9eractive Biochemistry CD-ROM
  51. Los 6 segundos del ECG: Generador de ritmos cardiacos estaticos y dinamicos
  52. InterActive Physiology 10-System Suite CD-ROM
  53. ECG-SAP III: Electrocardiography Self-Assessment Program
  54. ''How to Stitch Up Wounds'' Suturing Kit CD-ROM
  55. Veterinary Drug Database
  56. MRI Made Easy: An Interactive Training Program (CD-ROM)
  57. [CD-Rom] Wheater's Functional Histology, 4th. Edition.
  58. Hiatt - Color Atlas of Histology (Spanish)
  59. CD postmortem examination
  60. [References] CD-Rom Infectious Diseases of dog and cat
  61. Histology: A Text and Atlas by Michael H. Ross and Wojciech Pawlina CD
  62. Small Animal Clinical Techniques (CD) 2009
  63. [CD] Two Dimensional and M-Mode Echocardiography: For the Small Animal Practitioner
  64. Human anatomy in amazing 3D graphics.
  65. Electronic Image Collection to Accompany Dermatology
  66. Clinical Image CD from Harvard Intensive Medical Review
  67. Portable BrainVoyager Brain
  68. Farrowing and Piglet Management (English and Spanish)
  69. Tehnica Necropsiei La Suine (French)
  70. Virtual walking the pens - Pfizer
  71. [CD] Glass Horse (elements of the distal limb)
  72. [CD] Wildpro - Waterfowl: Health and Management
  73. [CD] Wildpro: Chronic Wasting Disease in Deer and Elk
  74. [CD] Wildpro - Wildlife: Disease Investigation and Management (Birds)
  75. [CD] Wildpro: West Nile Virus
  76. [CD] Wildpro: Hedgehogs - Health and Management (Erinaceus europaeus)
  77. [CD] Wildpro: Pain Management in Ruminants
  78. Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult: Ruminant (Companion CD)
  79. Biologa y Biotecnologa de la Reproduccin - REPROBIOTEC
  80. ECG / PHONOCARDIOGRAPHY software needed
  81. XTerm Medical Dictionary
  82. McGraw-Hill Electronic Atlas of Parasitology CD-ROM 1999
  83. Veterinary programs for the android os please!
  84. Biochemical Interactions Wiley
  85. Canine and Feline Emergency Drug Calculator
  86. Drug Dosing Charts
  87. Parasitologia Animal - Animais de Produo
  88. The Physiological Origins of Heart Sounds and Murmurs
  89. Interactive Poultry Diseases (CD) (Indovax)
  90. Veterinary Endoscopy Overview (FREE)
  91. Equine Infectious Diseases Companion CD
  92. Merck Microbiology Manual 12th edition
  93. Virtual Canine Anatomy
  94. Radioanatomie du chien et du chat
  95. Radiographie du Chien et du Chat - 101 Cas Cliniques Interactifs [ CD]
  96. Small animal diagnostic imaging
  97. Interactive program " Small animal clinical techniques"
  98. EKG Simulator
  99. Practical Aspect of Immunity (CD)
  100. Immunobiology Interactive 6th (Janeway, 2008) CD-ROM
  101. Essential HistImages
  102. Physiology Simulator (Lubrafisim)
  103. Junqueira's Basic Histology: Text and Atlas, CD-ROM.
  104. The Poultry Health and Diseases ( CD-ROM )
  105. Histology and Biology Cell Rapid Review CD-ROM.
  106. [CD]American Association of Avian Pathologists Continuing Education Slide Sets 1 To 25
  107. Color Atlas of Histology, CD-ROM.
  108. [CD] diFiore's Atlas of Histology, 10th edition
  109. Neurology Exam - Step by Step
  110. Online Canine Tick Borne disease seminar on 28.03.2012 - need only registration
  111. Veterinary encyclopedia [CD] (Russian)
  112. Virtual physiology
  113. Ultrasonographic evaluation of pregnancy in dogs and cats (SWF)
  114. Useful program for Heartsound auscultation training
  115. My Holstein ID - Software Suite
  116. Two Free Reference Manger Software Free