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  1. Hand-Rearing Wild and Domestic Mammals
  2. Diseases of Domestic Guinea Pigs, 2nd Ed.
  3. Hand-Rearing Birds
  4. Invertebrate Medicine
  5. Infectious Diseases and Pathology of Reptiles: Color Atlas and Text
  6. Skin Diseases of Exotic Pets
  7. Medicine and Surgery of Tortoises and Turtles
  8. Herpetology: An Introductory Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles, 2ed
  9. Essentials of Avian Medicine and Surgery
  10. Reptiles and Amphibians of Prince Edward Country, Ontario
  11. Diurnal Raptors From Colombia
  12. Loros, Pericos y Guacamayas Neotropicales
  13. Fisiologia y Terapeutica para la clinica de pequenos mamiferos y reptiles (spanish)
  14. Biology of Turtles
  15. Clinical Avian Med Kidneys
  16. Hemoparasites of the Reptilia: Color Atlas and Text
  17. Calcium metabolism in grey parrot
  18. Gila Monsters - Conrad J. Storad
  19. Environmental Enrichment for Captive Animals
  20. Primeras jornadas sobre clinica de exoticos
  21. Intelligence of apes and other rational beings
  22. Radiology of Rodents, Rabbits and Ferrets: An Atlas of Normal Anatomy and Positioning
  23. Antimicrobial Therapy In Exotics
  24. Raptor Biomedicine
  25. Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine Current Therapy
  26. Handbook of Venoms and Toxins of Reptiles
  27. Biology of marine birds
  28. Exotic Animal Care and Management
  29. Manual of Exotic Pet Practice
  30. Haematology of Australian Mammals
  31. A Red Bird in a Brown Bag
  32. Game Theory and Animal Behavior
  33. Atlas of Clinical Avian Hematology
  34. Exotic Pet Behavior: Birds, Reptiles, and Small Mammals
  35. Avian Medicine 2nd Ed.
  36. Anaesthesia of Exotic Pets
  37. Reptile medicine and surgery
  38. Clinical Anatomy and Physiology of Exotic Species
  39. The Smallest Anthropoids: The Marmoset/Callimico Radiation
  40. Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging: Birds, Exotic Pets and Wildlife
  41. Jean-François Quinton - Novos Animais de Estimação - Pequenos Mamíferos -PORTUGUESE
  42. Monitoring The Otter
  43. Otter Breeding
  44. Handbook of Avian Hybrids of the World
  45. Ecology and Behavior of Chickadees and Titmice
  46. The Primate Malarias
  47. Watching Wildlife
  48. Ecological Integrity: Integrating Environment, Conservation, and Health
  49. Wild Forests: Conservation Biology And Public Policy
  50. Desert,Life,A Desert Calling: Life in a Forbidding Landscape
  51. Wildlife and Recreationists: Coexistence Through Management And Research
  52. Exotic Small Mammal Care and Husbandry
  53. The Emirates: A Natural History Widlife of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  54. Wildlife Policies in the U.S. National Parks
  55. DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Caretta caretta
  56. The Behavior of Communicating: An Ethological Approach
  57. Whales, Whaling, and Ocean Ecosystems
  58. Insect Development: Morphogenesis, Molting and Metamorphosis
  59. Species Richness: Patterns in the Diversity of Life (Springer Praxis Books / Environm
  60. Gorilla Society - Conflict Compromise and Cooperation Between the Sexes
  61. Manual de medicina veterinaria de antas em campo (Portuguese)
  62. Marine Animal Husbandry and Training
  63. Marine Mammal Zoonoses - Final Report
  64. Guia para el manejo, cria y conservacion del tapir
  65. Manual Medico Profesional para el Burro
  66. Beasts of Eden: Walking Whales, Dawn Horses, and Other Enigmas of Mammal Evolution
  67. Manual Clinico del Lince Iberico
  68. The Reproductive Biology of Bats
  69. Nocturnal Animals (Greenwood Guides to the Animal World)
  70. Pathology of the Domestic Ferret.pdf
  71. Whats New and Important in Ferret Medicine.mht
  72. Bird Hazing Manual- Techniques and Strategies for Dispersing Birds from
  73. Manejo de quelonios acuaticos en la amazonia peruana
  74. Alex & Me CD: How a Scientist and a Parrot Discovered a Hidden World of Animal Intell
  75. Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals
  76. A Rain Forest Food Chain: A Who-Eats-What Adventure in South America (Follow That Foo
  78. The Baz-nama-yi Nasiri, a Persian treatise on falconry, 1908
  79. Avian Navigation: Pigeon Homing as a Paradigm
  80. The History of British Birds - Derek Yalden, Umberto Albarella
  81. Manual de identificação, prevenção e controle de predação por carnívoros
  82. Encyclopedia of Birds The 6-Volume Set
  83. Clinical Cases in Avian and Exotic Animal Hematology and Cytology
  84. Olaus Johan Murie Field Guide to Animal Tracks (Peterson Field Guides)
  85. Zoontologies The Question Of The Animal
  86. Giant Anaconda and Other Cryptids
  87. Egg Incubation: Its Effects on Embryonic Development in Birds and Reptiles
  88. Turtle (DK Watch Me Grow)
  89. Rodent Societies: An Ecological and Evolutionary Perspective
  90. Sexual Selection in Primates: New and Comparative Perspectives
  91. Amphibians and Reptiles of Baja California
  92. The Call of Distant Mammoths: Why The Ice Age Mammals Disappeared
  93. Komodo: The Living Dragon
  94. Vipers: A Guide for the Advanced Hobbyist
  95. Mountain Lion Alert: Safety for Pets, Landowners, and Outdoor Adventurers
  96. Wolves and the Wilderness in the Middle Ages
  97. Snakes Slither and Hiss (DK READERS)
  98. The Bird Book
  99. The Emperor's Embrace: Reflections On Animal Families And Fatherhood
  100. North American Pelicans (Nature Watch)
  101. Red Wolves: And Then There Were (Almost) None
  102. The Complete Field Guide to Butterflies of Australia
  103. Invasive Species: Detection, Impact and Control
  104. Health of Antarctic Wildlife: A Challenge for Science and Policy
  105. Critically Endangered Birds: A Global Audit
  106. Owls and Their Homes (Animal Habitats)
  107. Snow Leopards and Their Babies (Zoo Life Book)
  108. Foxes and Their Homes (Animal Habitats)
  109. Invasion Biology
  110. Origin of Species: 150 years on (Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society )
  111. Zamba: The True Story of the Greatest Lion That Ever Lived
  112. Ring-Tailed Lemurs (Early Bird Nature Books)
  113. Butterflies: An Easy-to-Use Guide to Europe's Most Common Species (Collins Gem)
  114. Tigers (Nature Watch)
  115. Ethics on the Ark (Zoo&Aquarium Biology & Conservation)
  116. Elephant Seals: Population Ecology, Behavior, and Physiology
  117. Handbook of Nature Study
  118. Nature's Music: The Science of Birdsong
  119. Exotic Animal Formulary 3d edition James W. Carpenter
  120. Animals: Creatures That Roam the Planet (Natural Resources)
  121. Eagles (British Natural History Series)
  122. The Migration Ecology of Birds
  123. Raptors of North America ( Animals Pets )
  124. Tigers of the World: The Science, Politics and Conservation of Panthera Tigris 2010
  125. For the Birds: An Uncommon Guide (Appointment With Nature)
  126. Reptiles (Look Closer)
  127. Recent trends in animal behaviour
  128. The Wolf Children
  129. Bobcat: Master of Survival
  130. Wolf Mountains: A History of Wolves Along the Great Divide
  131. Amphibian (Eyewitness Guides)
  132. Raccoons: A Natural History
  133. Echo of the Elephants: The Story of an Elephant Family
  134. 1000 Facts on Mammals
  135. Toxicology of Reptiles
  136. Ecology and Evolution of Cooperative Breeding in Birds
  137. Marsupial Genetics and Genomics
  138. Gestural Communication in Nonhuman and Human Primates
  139. Snakes and Lizards in Your Pocket
  140. Population Limitation in Birds
  141. Animal Communication Networks
  142. Crocodiles
  143. The Complete Book of Animals
  144. Making Game: An Essay on Hunting, Familiar Things, and the Strangeness of Being Who O
  145. "Hunting with the Bow & Arrow"
  146. Deer talk: Your guide to finding, calling, and hunting mule deer and whitetails, with
  147. Tiny Game Hunting: Environmentally Healthy Ways to Trap and Kill the Pests in Your Ho
  148. Tourism and the Consumption of Wildlife: Hunting, Shooting and Sport Fishing
  149. Recreational Hunting, Conservation and Rural Livelihoods: Science and Practice
  150. Deer Wars: Science, Tradition, And the Battle over Managing Whitetails in Pennsylvani
  151. Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Protocols
  152. Vector Biology, Ecology and Control
  153. Textbook of Wild and Zoo Animals: Care and Management, 2º edition
  154. Handbook on Wild and Zoo Animals
  155. The Mind and Manners of Wild Animals
  156. Exploring the World of Mammals
  157. The General Care and Maintenance of Green Anoles
  158. The Japanese Macaques
  159. Chimpanzee Behavior in the Wild: An Audio-Visual Encyclopedia
  160. Bird Song: Biological Themes and Variations
  161. UXL Encyclopedia of Biomes (3 Vol Set)
  162. The Capture and care manual
  163. IUCN Status survey and Action plan - Wild cats
  164. Otters - An action plan for their conservation (IUCN)
  165. The jaguar health program manual
  166. Biomedical Protocol for Free-ranging Gray Wolves (Canis lupus) in the Scandinavian Wo
  167. Biomedical Protocol for Free-ranging Wolverines (Gulo gulo) in Scandinavia
  168. Game ranch management
  169. The Hippos: Natural History and Conservation
  170. Weather and Bird Behaviour, Third Edition
  171. Butterflies and Moths
  172. The Amphibians and Reptiles of Alberta
  173. Ferret Husbandry, Medicine and Surgery
  174. Birds of Essex (Helm County Avifauna)
  175. Naturalised Birds of the World
  176. Integrated Principles of Zoology
  177. A Dictionary of Zoology (Oxford Paperback Reference)
  178. Birds of New England
  179. Wild Neighbors: The Humane Approach to Living with Wildlife
  180. Game Management
  181. Animal Groups in Three Dimensions: How Species Aggregate
  182. Wildlife Population Growth Rates
  183. Effect of Genetic Variance on Nutritional Requirements of Animals, Symposium Proceed
  184. The Biology of Terrestrial Molluscs
  185. Spider families of the world
  186. Zoos and Animal Welfare
  187. The Status of Birds in Britain and Ireland
  188. Cognition and Tool Use: Forms of Engagement in Human and Animal Use of Tools
  189. The Whooper Swan
  190. The Birds of Leicestershire and Rutland
  191. Ecology and Management of Neotropical Migratory Birds
  192. Hawaiian Birds of the Sea
  193. Hormones and Reproduction of Vertebrates - Vol 2: Amphibians
  194. The Birds of Gwent (Helm County Avifauna)
  195. Birds of the Dominican Republic and Haiti
  196. Zoos Forum Handbook
  197. Pocket Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians of East Africa
  198. The Better to Eat You With: Fear in the Animal World
  199. Tuatara Captive Management Plan and Husbandry Manual
  200. Looking for a Few Good Males: Female Choice in Evolutionary Biology
  201. Theropithecus: The Rise and Fall of a Primate Genus
  202. The Mind of an Ape
  203. The Real Chimpanzee: Sex Strategies in the Forest
  204. The Amphibians of Java and Bali
  205. John Capinera Insects and Wildlifei
  206. Mr. Richard Mahler The Jaguar's Shadow: Searching for a Mythic Cat
  207. In the Shadow of the Dinosaurs: Early Mesozoic Tetrapods
  208. An Alphabet Of Dinosaurs
  209. The Cuckoos (Bird Families of the World)
  210. Pelicans, Cormorants, and Their Relatives: The Pelecaniformes
  211. Following the Pack: The World of Wolf Research
  212. Folk Physics for Apes: The Chimpanzee's Theory of How the World Works
  213. The complete field guide to dragonflies of Australia
  214. The Hunt for the Dawn Monkey : Unearthing the Origins of Monkeys, Apes, and Humans
  215. Multiple Stressor Effects in Relation to Declining Amphibian Populations
  216. Exotic Companion Medicine Handbook for Veterinarians
  217. Amphibian Medicine and Captive Husbandry
  218. A Field Guide to Venomous Animals and Poisonous Plants
  219. Endangered Species Volume 3 Amphibians, Fish, Plants, and Reptiles
  220. DK Eye Wonder : Big Cats
  221. Unusual Pet Care
  222. Herpetology : An Introductory Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles 3rd Edition
  223. The Emirates : A Natural History Widlife of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  224. Walker's Mammals of the World (Vols 1-2) 4th Edition
  225. Toxins and Hemostasis: From Bench to Bedside
  226. Wildlife Toxicology: Emerging Contaminant and Biodiversity Issues
  227. Poison Dart Frogs (Reptile and Amphibian Keeper's Guide)
  228. Dolphins Porpoises And Whales: 2002-2010 Action Plan For The Conservation Of Cetacean
  229. Monitoring Animal Populations and Their Habitats: A Practitioner's Guide
  230. Wildlife Protection (Environmental Issues)
  231. Early Modern Zoology: The Construction of Animals in Science, Literature and...
  232. Animal Homosexuality: A Biosocial Perspective
  233. Ecological Census Techniques: A Handbook, Second Edition
  234. Ecology: From Individuals to Ecosystems, Fourth Edition
  235. Wild Mammals in Captivity: Principles and Techniques for Zoo Management 2010
  236. Zoological Physics: Quantitative Models of Body Design, Actions, and Physical Limitat
  237. Foraging: Behavior and Ecology
  238. Research Techniques in Animal Ecology
  239. Squirrels: The Animal Answer Guide
  240. Rapid Review of Exotic Animal Medicine and Husbandry
  241. A Guide to the Zoological Literature
  242. Guide to Australian Moths
  243. The order of man : A biomathematical anatomy of the primates
  244. Animals in Celtic Life and Myth
  245. Insectopedia
  246. Methoden der Verhaltensbiologie
  247. Encyclopedia of Terrarium
  248. Encyclopedia of Nature's Predators in the Wild
  249. Australian Bustard
  250. Kinship and Behavior in Primates