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  1. [Techique] Small animal roentgenograms
  2. [Demonstration] Anatomy Tutorial Videos
  3. [Surgery] ovariohysterectomy of cat (interactive)
  4. [Techique] Dissection of a female chicken (hen) reproductive tract
  5. [Techique] [InterVet] Poultry Vaccination techniques - Arabic Narration
  6. [Lectures] Veterinary Class Video Capture
  7. [Practical Cases] Anaphylactic Horse
  8. [Surgery] Feline castration
  9. [Techique] Bovine Rectal Palpation with videos
  10. [Techique] Jugular Vein Blood Collection
  11. [Surgery] Beginning and ending continous suture patterns
  12. [Surgery] Canine castration - Educational Lab. Video 2009
  13. [Demonstration] Equine Dentistry Made Easy to Understand
  14. [Practical Cases] The Tragedy of Laminitis
  15. [Surgery] Understanding Anesthesia
  16. [Surgery] Self sucking operation in cows
  17. [Demonstration] how to choose an X-ray unit
  18. [Demonstration] how to choose an ultrasound machine
  19. [Demonstration] Safer horse rescues DVD
  20. [Demonstration] Is your horse the right weight?
  21. [Techique] Managing heat detection
  22. [Techique] Endoscope Procedure
  23. Birds.of.America.DVDScr.XviD.MP3-PreVail (2008)
  24. [Demonstration] Les Methodes de Vaccination au Aviculture
  25. [Techique] [VIDEO] Autopsy technique in poultry (French narration)
  26. [Demonstration] Equine hoof Anatomy Video
  27. [Demonstration] carnivore anatomy
  28. [Techique] Instrumentation and techniques for retinal examination
  29. [Demonstration] Cattle necropsy examination
  30. [Techique] Intravenous catheter placement in dog
  31. [Techique] Oral examination in dog
  32. [Techique] juglar vein blood collection in canine
  33. [Surgery] Surgical Management of Canine Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease 2003
  34. [Techique] IV catheter placement
  35. [Practical Cases] Buffalo diseases videos
  36. conjoctivite chez le chien et le chat video
  37. [Practical Cases] Neurology avi video clips
  38. [Surgery] Basic Surgical Skills Course 4th Edition
  39. [Practical Cases] Clinical signs presented by BSE cases (FAO)
  40. [Demonstration] Physiology and Pharmacology Video Collection
  41. [Practical Cases] Some cases from Egypt Field
  42. [Lectures] Avian First Aid [Lectures Series] By:Dr. Pam Gordy
  43. [Techique] Standing Equine Gastroscopy By Merial [Teaching Video]
  44. [Techique] Neurologic Examination of the Dog
  45. [Surgery] Videos of sutures and suture handling
  46. [Demonstration] Learning Reproduction in Farm Animals
  47. [Techique] Video endoscopy Chronic Duodenitis in a Boxer
  48. [Techique] Endoscopy FB in esophagus CPD 2009
  49. [Techique] Endoscopy Chronic Gastritis in German Sheperd
  50. [Demonstration] videos Genética Bacteriana/ mecanismos de variabilidade genética
  51. [Documentary] Inside Nature's Giants (2009)
  52. [Surgery] coagulacão sanguinea
  53. [Demonstration] A flash movie: Journey inside the cell
  54. [Surgery] Basic Surgical Skill Videos
  55. [Techique] Recording of a basic ECG – video
  56. [Techique] Dog examination techniques
  57. [Documentary] The Flight Of The Condor (BBC video, 1985)
  58. [Demonstration] Husbandry Behaviors for Orcas and Dolphins
  59. [Techique] Medicating a Dog
  60. [Techique] Making a Elizabethan Collar
  61. [Surgery] Gorrilla Glue Dog, Dog ate a bottle of gorrilla glue, surgery to remove the mass from
  62. [Surgery] Surgery on a 17 foot Reticulated Python
  63. [Surgery] Mastiff - English Mastiff C-Section - dog cesarean surgery
  64. [Surgery] Animal heart surgery: canine
  65. [Surgery] Canine Cataract Surgery in a Dog
  66. [Surgery] Kidney worms removal from a dog
  67. [Documentary] Discovery: First Scientifically Confirmed Poisonous Bird
  68. [Demonstration] Fracture classification forms
  69. [Demonstration] Ciclo de Krebs - Vídeos explicativos! (pt-BR)
  70. [Practical Cases] Diagnose Small Animal Case 1
  71. [Documentary] BBC Natural World - A Farm for the Future (2009)
  72. [Techique] Rivalta test (PIF diagnostic)
  73. [Demonstration] Life Cycle of Eimeria tenalla - Excellent Video
  74. [Demonstration] Pregnancy Determination in the Bitch with Ultrasound Examination (4 videos)
  75. [Practical Cases] Dummy calf due to Akabane virus hydranencephaly
  76. [Practical Cases] Annual Ryegrass Staggers in Sheep
  77. [Practical Cases] Annual Ryegrass Toxicity (Floodplain Staggers) in Cattle
  78. [Practical Cases] Annual Ryegrass Toxicity (Floodplain Staggers) in Sheep
  79. [Practical Cases] Botulism in a lamb
  80. [Demonstration] Flehmen Reflex (bovine)
  81. [Documentary] Herriot's TV Series and Audiobooks
  82. [Techique] Bovine Palpation for Uterus and Ovarian Condition
  83. [Demonstration] Bandaging techniques
  84. [Techique] Statement of pregnancy in cattle
  85. [Lectures] Antimicriobial beta lactams MOA Animation
  86. [Lectures] Mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance
  87. [Lectures] Passage and Digestion Cattle Animation
  88. [Lectures] Energy Requirement of Dairy Cows
  89. [Demonstration] Equine Repro Videos
  90. [Demonstration] Canine Interdigestive Gastrointestinal Motility
  91. [Lectures] Protein Fractions
  92. [Surgery] Broken leg surgery in dogs
  93. [Demonstration] Toxoplasma gondii - Life cycle and Invasion
  94. [Techique] Guide for Meat Inspection of Cattle - Macroscopic Procedure
  95. [Demonstration] Introduction to Veterinary Laser Surgery
  96. [Techique] Animal Insemination Videos
  97. [Techique] The intestine of the horse and situs exenteration (German Narration)
  98. [Demonstration] Examination of Dog and Cat
  99. [Demonstration] Experiments on the Physiology of Heart and Circulation of the Rabbit
  100. [Lectures] Video of Presentation :anathesia equipment and drugs
  101. [Demonstration] The Digestive System of the Pig
  102. [Demonstration] The Respiratory System of the Pig
  103. [Lectures] Zoonoses: Animal diseases affecting humans
  104. [Techique] Manual of Necropsy and Sample Harvest for Laboratory Diagnosis
  105. [Lectures] 2010 Swine Profitability Conference
  106. [Demonstration] Higiene de la Carne: Inspección en matadero
  107. [Surgery] Стерилизация суки - ветиринарный госпита
  108. [Demonstration] Spay in Animals and Flank Spay.
  109. [Techique] TCI Trans Cervical Insemination in the bitch
  110. [Documentary] NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC WILD Mutant Devils (Sarcophilus harrisii)
  111. [Demonstration] ABS Good milking technique
  112. [Practical Cases] poultry disease videos
  113. [Lectures] Conferencia “Diagnóstico Diferencial de la Alopecía Focalizada: Perro Apolillado”
  114. [Techique] Giving Injections to Tough Cats
  115. [Techique] Intratesticular Blocks in Dogs and Cats
  116. [Techique] Mature Cat Neuters Under Regional Anesthesia
  117. [Documentary] Swinging cow brush
  118. [Techique] Castration du Chat et du Chien (French)
  119. [Techique] Technique d'abdominocentèse et de thoracocentèse (french)
  120. [Techique] BIOPSIE HEPATIQUE (french)
  121. [Techique] prélèvement d'urine
  122. [Lectures] CPD feline liver disease (vid +notes)
  123. [Techique] Veterinary Seminars in Spay & Neuter Surgery Pediatrics
  124. [Documentary] National Geographic - Monster Fish: Catfish King (2010)
  125. [Demonstration] Equine Digestion
  126. [Documentary] Animal Armageddon - Fire And Ice
  127. [Surgery] Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy TPLO
  128. [Surgery] Surgery of cruciate lig rupture; Triple Tibial Osteotomy
  129. [Practical Cases] Traumatic reticulo peritonistis
  130. [Surgery] Tibial Tubercle Advancement
  131. [Documentary] Living With Monkeys Tales From The Tree Tops Part 1
  132. [Techique] How to Make a Rotation Flap
  133. [Techique] Placing an Adjustable Horizontal Mattress Suture to Close Distal Limb Wounds
  134. [Lectures] Feline Emergencies [Complete Course]
  135. [Demonstration] Viscera Anatomy Of Dog (Italian)
  136. [Lectures] Small Animals Infectious Diseases
  137. [Surgery] Canine Ovariohyestrectomy
  138. [Documentary] Stem Cell Therapy for Animals
  139. [Practical Cases] Stem cell therapy performed at Olathe Animal Hospital
  140. [Surgery] Animal Bladder Stone Surgery
  141. [Surgery] Splenectomy (removal of Dog's spleen)
  142. [Practical Cases] Oestrus ovis larvae seen in Sheep head (Nasal Cavity) in post mortum examination
  143. [Techique] Intravenous catheter placement
  144. [Techique] Epidural Anesthesia
  145. [Demonstration] Heaves, classic presentations
  146. [Demonstration] Uma dica.
  147. [Surgery] cesarean operation in cattle
  148. [Demonstration] The Caesarean Section in Animals.
  149. [Techique] Videos de Cirugía Veterinaria
  150. [Demonstration] Botulism in Horses
  151. [Surgery] Application of Thomas Splint in a Dog with Fractured femur..
  152. [Practical Cases] Trypnasomes in a live blood film
  153. [Practical Cases] live microscopic demonstration of Balantidium coli
  154. [Practical Cases] Live demonstration of Amphistomes in bileduct
  155. [Practical Cases] Live MICROFILARIAE in a wet blood smear from a buffaloe
  156. [Techique] Electrocardiogram Evaluation
  157. [Techique] IV Catheter Placement
  158. [Techique] Tracheal Intubation
  159. [Techique] Male Urinary catheters
  160. [Practical Cases] Sleep Disorder in a Dog
  161. [Lectures] Updates on Feline Upper Respiratory Disease: Interview with Dr. Katrin Hartmann
  162. [Lectures] GI Diagnostics for the Busy Practitioner: Interview with Dr. Jorg Steiner
  163. [Lectures] Updates on Infectious Respiratory Disease: Interview with Dr. Brad Fenwick
  164. [Demonstration] Intraperitoneal Injection into Adult Zebrafish
  165. [Documentary] Domentáry - Não Matarás
  166. [Documentary] Elephant Birth - by Ine Braat&Suely Hinds - Amazing
  167. [Demonstration] Equine Anatomy Reviewed on Live Animal
  168. [Demonstration] BCF Technology Abdominal Ultrasound - Instructional Videos
  169. [Demonstration] Feline Coronavirus and FIP
  170. [Techique] Veterinary Critical Care Techniques
  171. [Techique] Strangles in Horses (video)
  172. [Documentary] Colic Exam
  173. [Techique] Junior Surgery Videos
  174. [Lectures] Feline diabetes video lectures
  175. [Demonstration] Inhalant Anaesthestic Machine
  176. [Demonstration] Animals in Motion
  177. [Documentary] American Pit Bull Canine Killer or Family Friend?
  178. [Surgery] medial patella luxation in small dog operative technicś
  179. [Demonstration] Surgury urethrostomy in cat
  180. [Practical Cases] Short Veterinary Ultrasound Videos
  181. [Practical Cases] Ultrasound basic and Echocardio
  182. [Surgery] atlanto axis stabilization
  183. [Lectures] CPD Feline Infectious Diseases
  184. [Lectures] CPD Laboratory Diagnosis of Liver Disease
  185. [Lectures] Webinarvet cpd
  186. [Lectures] CPD Virbac webinars
  187. [Lectures] Hill’s webinars
  188. [Surgery] Canine Ovariohysterectomy
  189. [Lectures] FECAVA Eurocongress lectures
  190. [Lectures] SEVC Pre congress 5 lectures
  191. [Techique] 4ACT - Veterinary Assistant & Technician Training
  192. [Demonstration] Pain Management in Animal Shelters - How Do We Know They Hurt - Full video
  193. [Surgery] Neuter Surgery & Pediatrics. All about it! Seminars.
  194. [Techique] Veterinary Videos OHIO
  195. [Lectures] Equine Foot Studies by C. C. Politt - The University of Queensland
  196. [Lectures] More than 160 videos including Florida videos and surgery videos
  197. [Lectures] 4 Free Rabbit webinars/ Lectures CPD from Supreme Rabbit Webinars
  198. [Lectures] N*vartis Webinar Feline Kidney Disease/ OA / Allergic Skin Disease
  199. [Lectures] Webcast Encdocrine cases
  200. [Lectures] Webinars Royal Canin -Dermatology 2 lectures
  201. [Lectures] Vetoquinol Webinars -Chronic pain Dogs
  202. [Lectures] Hyperadrenocorticism webinars
  203. [Lectures] Equine parasitology Webinars
  204. [Lectures] The Use of NSAIDs in Pigs
  205. [Lectures] Cardiology Webinars
  206. [Lectures] Reducing on Farm Resistance
  207. [Lectures] What makes a good Vet?
  208. [Lectures] A Practitioner’s Guide to Canine Lymphoma
  209. [Lectures] The Management of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease
  210. [Demonstration] Making an anesthetic dart
  211. [Demonstration] Locoregional anesthesia videos
  212. [Lectures] Practical Radiology
  213. [Lectures] laboratory technics (russian language)
  214. [Lectures] Anesthetic management in animal shelters:keeping them alive
  215. [Lectures] Colic-What Everyone Should Know
  216. [Surgery] Surgery and Surgical Techniques
  217. [Lectures] Guinea Pigs: Common Diseases and Critical Care
  218. [Demonstration] Veterinary Training Resources
  219. [Demonstration] The physiological origins of HEART SOUNDS and MURMURS
  220. [Lectures] protein synthesis _ translation process
  221. [Surgery] Knee Surgery
  222. [Surgery] Rumenotomy in buffalo
  223. [Techique] Caudal epidural analgesia in cow
  224. [Demonstration] Intestinal worms
  225. [Techique] Paravertibral nerve block
  226. [Surgery] Gastrotomy in dog
  227. [Surgery] Enterotomy in dog
  228. [Demonstration] Giardia
  229. [Demonstration] Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
  230. [Lectures] Poultry diseases (Avian diseases)
  231. [Demonstration] Lungworm Life Cycle
  232. [Demonstration] Canine Roundworm Life Cycle (Ascarids)
  233. [Demonstration] Tapeworm Life cycle
  234. [Demonstration] Canine Hookworm Life Cycle
  235. [Demonstration] Heart Worm Life Cycle
  236. [Techique] laparascopic artificial insemination in a ewe
  237. [Techique] Bull electroejac
  238. [Techique] Emberyo transfer in cow
  239. [Demonstration] Salmonella Pathogenesis _ Salmonella Typhimurium
  240. [Surgery] Porcupine Quills or Spines in a Dog
  241. [Practical Cases] signs of velogenic newcastle disease in vaccinated chicken
  242. [Demonstration] Cellular Mechanism of Platelet Aggregation and Drug Targets for Blood Clotting
  243. [Techique] Cattle Handling Tips For Cow Calf Producers
  244. [Techique] Designing Cattle Handling Facilities for Quality Beef
  245. [Techique] Practice Anatomy Lab v3.0
  246. [Techique] Passing a Nasal Tube in Cow.flv
  247. [Demonstration] Determination of Gestational Age in Sheep and Goats Using of Placentomes.
  248. [Documentary] Britain's Unwanted Pets
  249. [Techique] Laparoscopic Artificial Insemination in Ewe
  250. [Techique] Acupuncture_Client_Education (dog)