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  1. Diagnosis and Treatment of Foot Lameness - Horse
  2. Some Equine Diseases - short ppt-s
  3. Dog & Cat Medicine
  4. Ophthalmology
  5. Neurology Lectures
  6. Critical Care
  7. Equine Medicine & Surgery [Digestive]
  8. Anasthesiology
  9. Mechanics of skin disease
  10. Veterinary Embryology, Class Notes
  11. General Anatomy & Carnivore Anatomy, Lecture Notes
  12. Twelve Small Animal Clinical Practice Problems
  13. [Original] Physiology Lectures
  14. [Original] Embryology Lectures
  15. [Original] Pathology Lectures
  16. Ssava
  17. Abdominal distension
  18. Aspiration Pneumonia in SA - ppt
  19. Ecg
  20. Neonatal calf diarrhea and pneumonia
  21. Critical Care of Foals
  22. diseases of equine
  23. Calf Scours
  24. Diagnosis of Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia
  25. Nk cells and autoimmunity
  26. Blood cells
  27. IVIS Dermatology for the small animal practicioner
  28. Abortion In Cattle
  29. New strategies for the control of arthropod vectors of disease in dogs and cats
  30. The Center for Food Security and Public Health
  31. Poultry and Rabbit diseases part I & II
  32. Intestinal and peritoneal lesions in ruminants
  33. Sutures
  34. Vet Necropsy Procedure (Original Lecture Material)
  35. Jubb, Kennedy and Palmer's Pathology of Domestic Animals - Chapter Summaries
  36. Pathology of Laboratory Rodents & Rabbits - Percy & Bethold Chapter Summaries
  37. Lectures and Articles about Vitamin E and Selenium
  38. Veterinary Epidemiology
  39. Zoonosis Updates_AVMA
  40. The WHO Collaborating Center for New and Emerging Zoonoses
  41. EpiVetNet
  42. Epidemiology Lectures
  43. Articles about Camels
  44. Cardiac Surgery in Veterinary Medicine
  45. Emergency Fluid Therapy
  46. Medicina Veterinaria Radiología Urogenital (spanish)
  47. Medicina Equina - Apuntes Tracto digestivo
  48. Medicina Equina - Apuntes Tracto Respiratorio
  49. Terapia e protecção pulmonar (Portuguese)
  50. Course notes and board review
  51. The Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference
  52. clinical practice
  53. VMA Conference Notes 2009
  54. Pathology Website
  55. forum about veterinary forum
  56. tuskegee university school of veterinary medicine electronic syllabi
  57. vet obstetrics
  58. bovine enterectomy
  59. bovine digit amputation
  60. dehorning cattle
  61. [VETMED.LSU] Manual od Diagnostic Bacteriology & Mycology
  62. rumenotomy
  63. Left abomasal displacement
  64. Rumentomie beim Rind Teat Surgery in Cattle
  65. Western Dairy Conference part 1
  66. western Dairy Conference part2
  67. Western Dairy Conference part3
  68. Abdominal distension cattle
  69. Virtual Slidebox - Patholgoy and Histology
  70. Cattle disease diagnostic system
  71. semen evaluation in cattle
  72. Pathology of the GI tract
  73. WHO laboratory manual for examination of semen
  74. Equine Colic Condensed
  75. equine respiratory notes
  76. equine neonates lecture notes
  77. A guide of ultrasonographic examination of mare reproductive system
  78. Manual of uterine torsion
  79. Course of Artificial Insemination
  80. Course of bovine embryo transefer
  81. Course of abortion in cattle
  82. Course of veterinary andrology
  83. Equine Dental and Esophagus
  84. biosafety course free
  85. Curso on line de graa
  86. Infectious diseases in Rabbits
  87. some vin info paper in SA med
  88. Pathogenesis of canine nervous distemper
  89. Malassezia and canine atopic dermatitis
  90. Bacterial diseases
  91. Antibiotics selection for pyoderma
  92. From polydipsia to diagnostic imaging
  93. Acute respiratory distress in a dog
  94. Intermittent right thoracic limb lameness in Labrador
  95. Radiological differential diagnosis of canine elbow dysplasia
  96. Painful swelling on a dog's limb - surprising diagnosis
  97. Acaricidal treatment
  98. Triage and initial evaluation of emergency patients
  99. Exotic animal emergency and critical care
  100. Diagnosis and treatment of food allergy and intolerance in dogs
  101. Gastric distention volvulus - case
  102. Vomiting dog - interesting case
  103. Respiratory distress and vomiting in a cat - interesting case
  104. Radiology of the skull
  105. Radiology of the spine
  106. Use of contrast media in veterinary radiology
  107. Efficacy, Safety and Hormonal Kinetics in Early and Mid-Pregnancy
  108. Investigating and managing infertility in the bitch
  109. Therapeutic approach to reproduction problems in queen (feline)
  110. Veterinary management
  111. Hill's Global Mobility Symposium 2008 Proceedings
  112. Hill's Symposium on Nutrigenomics
  113. Hill's Symposium on Osteoarthritis and Joint Health
  114. Hill's Symposium on Advances in Feline Medicine
  115. Hill's Symposium on Oral Care
  116. Hill's Global Symposium on Feline Care
  117. Hill's Symposium on Puzzling Patients: What to Do When the Pieces Don't Fit
  118. Hill's Symposium on Moving on with Mobility
  119. Hill's Symposium on Evidence-Based Medicine
  120. Hill's Symposium on Dermatology
  121. Hill's Symposium on Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease
  122. Differential of abdominal centesis fluids
  123. Behaviour lactures
  124. Pain management lectures
  125. Surgery lectures
  126. Dermatology note
  127. Dermatology lectures
  128. Wildlife lectures
  129. Rabbits medicine lectures
  130. Intestinal parasites in dogs and cats
  131. Strategies for Using Antibiotics - WSAVA 2002
  132. Anaesthetics Summary
  133. General surgery
  134. Dirofilariosis - Heartworm (Thesis)
  135. Classic Cases in Veterinary Dermatology
  136. Canine radiographs
  137. Canine Radiographs Power point presentation download
  138. Veterinary Developmental Anatomy
  139. Obstetrics and Gynecology
  140. Antibacterial agents
  142. Hormones Used-in Horse
  143. Milk Composition
  144. advanced milk
  145. cvs
  146. Reproduction in The Camel - Collection
  147. endocrine and neuro physiology
  148. salt and water physiology
  149. kidneys and excrettion
  150. Animal-Nutrition-Conference-India-2004.pdf
  151. Regulation of urea recycling into the gastrointestinal tract and ammonia metabolism
  152. Proceedings of Heifer Mastitis Conference
  153. Dry Cow Rations
  154. Effects of concentrate feeding on forage intake
  155. Mineral Homeostasis in Ruminants
  156. Ultrasonic exam of mare
  157. NCVC Anthelmintic Resistance
  158. Application of Homeopathic medicines in Cattle
  159. Palpation examination and topography of bovine female genitalia
  160. Selected Topics from IVIS
  161. Dairy Cattle Necropsy Manual
  162. Evaluation of Cattle Manure
  163. Endocrine and neuroendocrine physiology
  164. Euthanasia of cattle
  165. Reviewing Artificial Insemination Technique
  166. Scoring Udder Edema
  167. Technique of Fetotomy in Large Animal
  168. Methods of drug administration in animals
  169. carcass grading
  170. Female bovine reproduction system
  171. introduction to ruminant digestion
  172. immune system
  173. artificial insemination
  174. Breeds of sheep
  175. Avian digestion
  176. Compendium of Animal Rabies Prevention and Control ..PDF
  177. dog diseases (causes,symptoms,diagnosis,treatment & prevention)
  178. Fundamentals of Beef Reproduction and Management: Focus on Estrus Synchronization
  179. fluid therapy basics
  180. GOOD RESEARCH PRACTICE 2011 - Free distance learing course
  181. urinary system (Anatomy and Physiology)
  182. Reproductive Endocrinology [Class Lectures]
  183. Organic Chemistry I ( SparkCharts )
  184. Set of Class Presentations of Anatomy [COMPLETE]
  185. Cell Injury [COMPLETE Review] with Illustrated slides
  186. General Pathology: A Practical Approach [Illustrated slides]
  187. Anatomy questions
  188. Histology lectures
  189. Equine practical diagnostic ultrasonography lecture
  190. Accumulants-change [General Pathology] Illustrated Slides
  191. Chemical Disorders Rendering Meat Unwholesome
  192. Biotransformation of Xenobiotics
  193. Brief discussion on endocrinology
  194. Fluid therapy very brief discussion
  195. Giardia Class Rhizopoda (Amoeba)
  196. Tetracycline indication in Rumenant
  197. Signs of Health Cattle
  198. Cytologic Diagnosis and Review of Feline Eosinophilic Keratitis
  199. Kitten care
  200. Feline Vaccinations
  201. Mineral disorders of ruminants
  202. American professors notes on all subjects on veterinary medicine
  203. Egg Candling & Fertility (PPT)
  204. strangles picture of horses
  205. Glanders pictures
  206. Atlas Of Food Microbiology - SWF Atlas
  207. Pathogenesis of sepsis
  208. treatment of postparturient udder edema
  209. Guide to Good Dairy Farming Practice - 2004
  210. Physiology and Endocrinology of Reproduction
  211. Manual of Food Animal Pathology and Meat Inspection
  212. Manual of General Pharmacology and Toxicology
  213. Manual of Systemic Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  214. [PHARM Lecture Series] Aminoglycosides [PPT]
  215. [PHARM Lecture Series] Analgesics [PPT]
  216. [PHARM Lecture Series] Anti-inflammatory Drugs [PPT]
  217. [PHARM Lecture Series] Anti-Cholinergic Drugs
  218. [PHARM Lecture Series] Antiseptics and Disinfectants
  219. [PHARM Lecture Series] Autacoids [PPT]
  220. [PHARM Lecture Series] Barbiturates [PPT]
  221. [PHARM Lecture Series] Betalactams (Antibiotics)
  222. [PHARM Lecture Series] Drugs affecting CNS [PPT]
  223. Conduite de l'examen oculaire chez le cheval-11-09-08
  224. Clinical Oriented Veterinary Drug Manual
  225. des documents et cours de reproduction,,french
  226. Sheep Behaviour and Welfare
  227. Anesthetics
  228. Sgs
  229. Gluconeogenesis
  231. Treatment of renal failure in cats and dogs peritoneal dialysis.(Russian Translated)
  232. Diagnosis and surgical treatment of gallstone disease in cats and dogs.(Russian Tran)
  233. Kidney transplantation in cats and dogs.(Russian Translated)
  234. Glossary of Abbreviations
  235. PsychoPathology Glossary
  236. National Essential Drugs List
  237. Diagnosis and surgical treatment of the collapse of the trachea in dogs.(Russian Tra)
  238. Medicine Administration Methods in Animals
  239. Livestock Meat Inspection Manual
  240. An Illustrated Text on "Fluid Therapy"
  241. Enterotoxemia (Overeating Disease) in Sheep and Goats
  242. Pre-Feasibility Study for Broiler Farm [7500 birds]
  243. Livestock Management Manual [For Introductory Courses]
  244. Suture Patterns used in Different Surgical Procedures
  245. A Comprehensive Text on "Fluids and Electrolytes"
  246. Common Antibiotics [Generic & Trade Name]
  247. Generic and Trade Name Chart for GITT Medication Glossary
  248. Clinical PathoPhysiology [Video Lectures]
  249. Parasitic Control for Small Ruminants
  250. Antibiotics for Animals - An Overview