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  1. Equine Nutrition and Feeding
  2. Horse and Stable Management, 4th ed.
  3. Breeding Horses
  4. Equine Massage: A Practical Guide
  5. The Welfare of Horses
  6. Fitness Evaluation of the Horse
  7. The Genetics of the Horse
  8. Soundness in the Horse: A Guide for Buyer and Seller
  9. Equine Acupressure: A Working Manual
  10. Veterinary Advice on Arthritis in Horses
  11. Horse Behavior
  12. A Byzantine Encyclopaedia of Horse Medicine: The Sources, Compilation, and Transmissi
  13. Practical Horse Law: A Guide for Owners and Riders
  14. The Complete Horseshoeing Guide
  15. Equine Safety
  16. Horse Breeds of the World
  17. International Encyclopedia of Horse Breeds
  18. Epidemiology Workshop for Equine Research Workers
  19. Nutrient Requirements of Horses
  20. The Power of Positive Horse Training
  21. Przewalski's Horse: The History and Biology of an Endangered Species
  22. Equine facilitated therapyhippotherapy
  23. Studies in Equine Performance
  24. Feeding Horses in Australi
  25. Дикие стада.
  26. Аппарат движения и опоры лошади.
  27. Anatome of the horses
  28. Horse anatomy
  29. The Horses We Love, The Lessons We Learn
  30. Horse Stable and Riding Arena Design
  31. The Evolution of Polo
  32. Draw Horses (Discover Drawing Series)
  33. Natural Horse Man Ship
  34. Advances in Equine Nutrition III
  35. Advances in Equine Nutrition IV
  36. Sue M. McDonnell, Amy Poulin: Equid Play Ethogram
  37. Applied Equine Nutrition and Training 2011
  38. The Everything Horse Book , 2nd edition
  39. Career Guide to the Horse Industry
  40. Thoroughbred Horseracing and the Welfare of the Thoroughbred
  41. Wild Horses and Their Management By the Bureau of Land Management
  42. Horse Hoof Care
  43. Grooming to Win (H*well Equestrian Library)
  44. Deciphering Dressage (Howell Equestrian Library) Book
  45. Horse Agility: Liberty Horse Training
  46. The Welfare of Horses ( Animal Welfare )
  47. Applied equine nutrition and training - ENUCO 2005
  48. Applied equine nutrition and training - ENUCO 2007
  49. Applied equine nutrition and training - ENUCO 2009
  50. Equine Sport With Feeling and Know How
  51. The 4 H Horse Proyect
  52. Applied equine nutrition and training - ENUCO 2005
  53. Applied equine nutrition and training - ENUCO 2007
  54. Applied equine nutrition and training - ENUCO 2009
  55. Forages and grazing in horse nutrition - eaap132
  56. Conservation genetics of endangered horse breeds - Eaap116
  57. Nutrition and feeding of the broodmare
  58. Nutrition of the exercising horse
  59. Nutrition of the Performance Horse - Eaap 111
  60. Horse behaviour and welfare
  61. The impact of nutrition on the health and welfare of horses
  62. The growing horse nutrition and prevention of growth disorders
  63. The acute poorly performing sport horse
  64. Horse and Stable Management, 3rd. Edition.
  65. The Global Horseracing Industry Social, Economic, Environmental and Ethical Perspectives
  66. Caring for Your Horse
  67. The Whole Horse Wellness Guide
  68. Hoof Care
  69. Storey’s Guide to Raising Horses, 2nd Edition
  70. Common Sense Horsemanship. A Safe And Simple Approach To Riding Horses
  71. N*tritional Manag*ment of Equine Dis*ases and Special Cases
  72. Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy and Learning. The Human-Equine Relational Development