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  1. A Guide to Canine and Feline Orthopedic Surgery
  2. Farm Animal Practice - self-assessment
  3. Clinical Procedures in Veterinary Nursing
  4. [Incomplete] Wound Care Management for the Eq Practitioner
  5. [Incomplete] Veterinary Clinical Examination and Diagnosis
  6. Saunders Equine Formulary
  7. [Incomplete] Equine Emergencies: Treatment and Procedures
  8. Calving the Cow and Care of the Calf
  9. Dosage Calculation for Veterinary Nurses and Technicians
  10. [Incomplete] Veterinary Pharmacology And Therapeutics (Richard Adams)
  11. Veterinary Pathophysiology by Robert H. Dunlop
  12. Functional Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals Fourth Edition
  13. [Incomplete] Small Animal Internal Medicine (National Veterinary Medical Series)
  14. [Incomplete] Adams' Lameness in Horses, 5th Edition
  15. [Incomplete] Color Atlas of Clinical Anatomy of the Dog & Cat
  16. [Incomplete] Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Pocket Companion) by Ettinger
  17. [Incomplete] Introduction to Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology
  18. [Incomplete] Veterinary Embryology
  19. [Incomplete] The 5-Minute Veterinary Consult:Canine and Feline Infectious Diseases & Parasitology
  20. [Incomplete] Nutrient Requirements for various species
  21. [Incomplete] Hagan and Bruner's Microbiology and Infectious Diseases of Domestic Animals
  22. [Incomplete] Antimicrobial Therapy in Veterinary Medicine (Hardcover)
  23. [Incomplete] Reproduction in Farm Animals [7th Edition]
  24. [Incomplete] Quick Reference Guide to Veterinary Surgical Kits
  25. [Incomplete] McDonald's Veterinary Endocrinology & Reproduction [5th Edition]
  26. [Incomplete] Pharmacology National Veterinary Medical Series
  27. [Incomplete] Self-assessment picture tests in veterinary medicine: avian medicine
  28. [Incomplete] 's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult: Ruminant INCOMPLETO (78%)
  29. [Incomplete] Dellmann's Textbook of Veterinary Histology (6th Ed.)
  30. [Incomplete] McIlwraith and Turner's Equine Surgery: Advanced Techniques, 2nd Edition
  31. [Incomplete] Theory and Practice of Histological Techniques, 6th Edition
  32. [Incomplete] Veterinary Surgical Instruments: An Illustrated Guide
  33. [Incomplete] Biology of Growth of Domestic Animals
  34. [Incomplete] Biology of growing animals Vol I: Biology of the Intestine in Growing Animals
  35. [Incomplete] Biology of the pancreas in growing animals
  36. [Incomplete] Goat Medicine
  37. [Incomplete] Clinicas veterinarias de norteamerica 2008. Vol 38. N 4 (spanish)
  38. [Incomplete] Infectious Disease Management in Animal Shelters
  39. [Incomplete] Anatomia del Perro - Protocolos de Diseccion
  40. [Incomplete] Shelter Medicine for Veterinarians and Staff
  41. [Incomplete] Fluid Therapy For Veterinary Nurses And Technicians
  42. [Incomplete] Bovine Radiology
  43. [Incomplete] Manual de Urgencias en Clinica Equina de Orsini (spanish) 2000
  44. [Incomplete] Small Animal Medical Diagnosis
  45. [Incomplete] Laboratory urinalysis and hematology
  46. [Incomplete] The Veterinary ICU Book
  47. [Incomplete] Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy (pt-BR)
  48. [Incomplete] Nutricion Canina y Felina: Guia para Porfesionales de los Animales de Compania
  49. [Incomplete] Exercises in Veterinary Radiology: Spinal Disease
  50. [Incomplete] Quick Reference Guide to Veterinary Equipment, Radiology Kits
  51. [Incomplete] Radiographic Interpretation for the Small Animal Clinician
  52. [Incomplete] Radiographic Techniques: The Dog
  53. [Incomplete] A Practical Guide to Canine and Feline Neurology
  54. [Incomplete] Small Animal Dermatology
  55. [Incomplete] The 5-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion: Small Animal Dermatology
  56. [Incomplete] Small Animal Dermatology (Saunder Solutions in Vet. Pract.)
  57. [Incomplete] Canine and Feline Theriogenology
  58. [Incomplete] Zootecnia (Tomo 10) - Producciones cunícula y avícolas alternativas (spanish)
  59. [Incomplete] Pig Production: C10 (World Animal Science)
  60. Nutrición y alimentación de peces y crustáceos (spanish)
  61. [Incomplete] Manual Of Equine Practice
  62. [Incomplete] Veterinary Disaster Response
  63. [Incomplete] Exotic Animal Medicine for the Veterinary Technician
  64. [Incomplete] The feline patient, third edition
  65. [Incomplete] AAEVT's Equine Manual for Veterinary Technicians
  66. [Incomplete] Color atlas of Veterinary anatomy _ The Horse
  67. [Incomplete] Equine surgery advanced techniques
  68. [Incomplete] Medicine and Surgery of South American Camelids
  69. [Incomplete] Small Animal Dermatology
  70. [Incomplete] Odontología de pequeños animales
  71. [Incomplete] Oftalmología de pequeños animales
  72. [Incomplete] Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  73. [Incomplete] Equine Diagnostic Ultrasonograph
  74. [Incomplete] Color atlas of microscopic anatomy
  75. [Incomplete] Practical anatomy of the rabbit
  76. [Incomplete] Fundamentals of Veterinary Clinical Pathology
  77. [Incomplete] Small Animal Ultrasound, Ronald W. Green
  78. [Incomplete] Echographie et Doppler du chien et du chat by Valerie Chetboul
  79. [Incomplete] Radiologia & Ecografia Diagnostiche del Cane e del Gatto
  80. [Incomplete] Infectious diseases of dog and cat
  81. [Incomplete] Toxicología animal originada por plantas, flora silvestre española
  82. [Incomplete] Thoracic radiology for the small animal practitioner
  83. [Incomplete] Notes on cardiorespiratory diseases of the dog and cat
  84. [Incomplete] Principles of Cattle Production, 2nd Edition
  85. [Incomplete] Voies D'abord en chirurgie osteo-articulaire chez le chien
  86. [Incomplete] Atlas d'Ophtalmologie Canine et Feline
  87. [Incomplete] Uro-Nephrologie du Chien et du Chat
  88. [Incomplete] Mastitis in Dairy Production: Current Knowledge and Future Solutions
  89. Clinical Dissection Guide for Large Animals 2004
  90. [Incomplete] Atlas des Nouveaux Animaux de Compagnie
  91. [Incomplete] Success in Veterinary Practice: Maximising clinical outcomes and personal well-being
  92. [Incomplete] Medecine Clinique du Chien et du Chat
  93. [Incomplete] Handbook of Veterinary Communication Skills
  94. [Incomplete] Heartworm infection in humans and animals
  95. [Incomplete] Veterinary Histology (Quick Look Series) 15 page missing
  96. [Incomplete] Gestes Techniques en Urgence et Soins Intensifs
  97. [Incomplete] Affections Oculaires Hereditaires ou a Predisposition Raciale chez le Chien
  98. [Incomplete] Atlas de Dermatologie du Chien et du Chat
  99. [Incomplete] The 5 Minutes Veterinary Consult: Canine and Feline Musculoskeletal Disorders
  100. [Incomplete] Atlas d'Ophtalmologie du Chien et du Chat
  101. [Incomplete] Small Animal Care and Management
  102. [Incomplete] Nouveaux Animaux de Compagnie
  103. [Incomplete] Pratique Clinique des Petits Mammiferes
  104. [Incomplete] Cancer in Dogs & Cats: Medical and Surgical Management
  105. [Incomplete] Diagnosi e Terapia delle Malattie degli Animali Esotici
  106. [Incomplete] Anesthesia for Veterinary Technicians
  107. [Incomplete] Immunologie Clinique Du Chien et du Chat
  108. [Incomplete] Medicina di Laboratorio del Cane e del Gatto
  109. [Incomplete] L'Assistance Chirurgicale en Clientele Canine et Feline
  110. [Incomplete] Ultrasonography and Reproduction in Swine
  111. [Incomplete] Lymphoma in Dogs and Cats
  112. [Incomplete] Atlas Les Coliques du Cheval
  113. Textbook of Veterinary Medical Nursing
  114. [Incomplete] Small Animal Internal Medicine Case Mangement Test Booklet
  115. [Incomplete] Small Animal Ophthalmic Surgery
  116. [Incomplete] Behavior of Exotic Pets Valarie V. Tynes (Editor)
  117. [Incomplete] Medicina d'Urgenza e Terapia Intensiva del Cane e del Gatto
  118. [Incomplete] A Practical Guide to Canine and Feline Neurology, 2º Edition
  119. [Incomplete] Ophthalmic Disease in Veterinary Medicine
  120. [Incomplete] Essentials of Small Animal Anesthesia and Analgesia
  121. [Incomplete] Tests Hormonaux
  122. [Incomplete] Neurology for the Small Animal Practitioner (Made Easy Series)
  123. [Incomplete] Colour Atlas of Falcon Medicine
  124. [Incomplete] Feline Ophthalmology An Atlas & Text
  125. [Incomplete] Rapid Review of Exotic Animal Medicine and Husbandry Pet Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Am
  126. [Incomplete] Clinical Medicine of the Dog and Cat
  127. [Incomplete] Autopsie des Bovins
  128. [Incomplete] Veterinary Dentistry for the Small Animal Technician
  129. [Incomplete] Handbook of Small Animal MRI
  130. [Incomplete] La Naturaleza de los Gatos
  131. [Incomplete] Dermatología de pequeños animales
  132. [Incomplete] Genetics and the Social Behavior of Dog
  133. [Incomplete] Oncology for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses
  134. [Incomplete] Therapeutique et Gestes Chirurgicaux Simples en Ophthalmolpgie Veterinaire
  135. [Incomplete] Malattie Infettive del Cane e del Gatto Malattie Bacteriche e Protozoarie
  136. [Incomplete] Diagnosi e terapia delle malattie degli animali esotici Coniglio, furetto, pappagalli
  137. [Incomplete] Veterinary Immunology Principles and Practice
  138. [Incomplete] Radiology of Veterinary Orthopedics
  139. [Incomplete] Pain Management for the Small Animal Practitioner
  140. [Incomplete] Comportamiento Animal
  141. [Incomplete] Equine Pathology
  142. [Incomplete] McIlwraith & Turner's Equine Surgery: Advanced Techniques
  143. [Incomplete] Canine Ophthalmology An Atlas & Text
  144. [Incomplete] O'Brien's Radiology for the Ambulatory Equine Practitioner
  145. [Incomplete] Equine Ophthalmology An Atlas & Text
  146. [Incomplete] Atlas of Diagnostic Radiology of the Horse
  147. [Incomplete] Textbook of Veterinary Surgical Nursing
  148. [Incomplete] FarbAtlas der Kleintierchirurgie Kaudales Abdomen
  149. [Incomplete] KleintierKardiologie Kompakt
  150. [Incomplete] Röntgendiagnostik in der Kleintierpraxis
  151. [Incomplete] Guide Pratique ASV Examens Complementaires
  152. [Incomplete] Fluidotherapie des Animaux de Compagnie
  153. [Incomplete] Dairy cattle fertility and sterility
  154. [Incomplete] Operationen an Hund und Katzen
  155. [Incomplete] Plantas Tóxicas de interés veterinario 86%
  156. [Incomplete] Ophthalmology for the Equine Practitioner
  157. [Incomplete] Canine and Feline Behavior Therapy
  158. [Incomplete] Breed Predispositions to Disease in Dogs and Cats
  159. [Incomplete] Broodmare Reproduction for the Equine Practitioner
  160. [Incomplete] Handbook for Zoonotic Diseases of Companion Animals
  161. [Incomplete] InfektionsKrankheiten der Katze
  162. [Incomplete] Fish pathology, 3º Edition
  163. [Incomplete] Obesite du Chien
  164. [Incomplete] Practical Veterinary Dermatopathology for the Small Animal Clinicians
  165. [Incomplete] Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs
  166. [Incomplete] Oncologia del Cane e del Gatto
  167. [Incomplete] Atlas der Kleintierchirurgie
  168. [Incomplete] Trattato di Chirurgia e Medicina del Gatto
  169. [Incomplete] Atlante di Chirurgia Traumatologica dei Piccoli Animali
  170. [Incomplete] Laboratory Manual for Comparative Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology
  171. [Incomplete] Comprendre Le Comportement des NAC Oiseaux, reptiles et petits mammiferes
  172. [Incomplete] Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine: Fundamental Principles
  173. [Incomplete] Emerging and Exotic Diseases of Animals
  174. [Incomplete] Higiene e Inspeccion de Carnes II
  175. [Incomplete] Atlas der Angewardten Anatomie der Haustiere
  176. [Incomplete] Pathologie Comportementale du Chien
  177. [Incomplete] Krankheiten der Katzen
  178. [Incomplete] Comparative Animal Nutrition and Metabolism
  179. [Incomplete] Equine Nutrition and Feeding, 4th Edition
  180. [Incomplete] Clinical Procedures in Veterinary Nursing
  181. [Incomplete] Review of Veterinary Physiology (The Quick Look Series in Veterinary Medicine)
  182. [Incomplete] Nutrient Requirements of Small Ruminants: Sheep, Goats, Cervids,& New World Camelids
  183. Field Guide to the Songbirds of South America: The Passerines
  184. [Incomplete] sample chapter from BSAVA manual of canine and feline clinical pathology 2nd ed
  185. [Incomplete] Adiestramiento Canino Cognitivo-Emocional
  186. [Incomplete] Wilderness Medicine, 6th Edition
  187. [Incomplete] Oncologia medica veterinaria e comparata
  188. [Incomplete] Anesthésie des bovins
  189. [Incomplete] Fluidothérapie des bovins
  190. [Incomplete] Le manuel Porphyre du préparateur en pharmacie (french)
  191. [Incomplete] La préparation: mode d'emploi (officine, sous-traitance et BP) (french)
  192. [Incomplete] Pig Production Biological Principles and Applications
  193. [Incomplete] A Field Guide to Mexican Birds: Mexico
  194. [Incomplete] General Pathology for Veterinary Nurses 2010
  195. [Incomplete] Guide to Bovine Clinics
  196. [Incomplete] Keeping Chickens: Getting the Best From Your Chickens
  197. [Incomplete] Canine Anatomy NVMS
  198. [Incomplete] Building the Successful Veterinary Practice: Innovation and Creativity
  199. [Incomplete] The game is changing Vet practice growth UK
  200. [Incomplete] Veterinary Nursing, 3rd. Edition.
  201. [Incomplete] Merck Veterinary Manual 10th Edition
  202. [Incomplete] Diagnostic Clinique Vétérinaire
  203. [Incomplete] Enfermedades exoticas y emergentes de los animales