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The Bacteriology of Tuberculosis
by Egons Darzins


Pages: 488 pp
Publisher: --
Edition: 1958
Language: English

The Bacteriology of Tuberculosis was first published in 1958. Although tuberculosis is one disease against which, it may be said with little argument, medical science has scored tremendous victories, the goal of complete conquest still lies ahead. To fix accurate sights for that goal, a thorough understanding of the present status of knowledge about the disease is needed. This volume is published in response to that need. Through an exhaustive study of the literature on tuberculosis bacteriology from the late nineteenth century to the present, Dr. Darzins presents a comprehensive account of the knowledge and practices which have developed in this field. An important aspect is the discussion of the relatively new problems raised in bacteriological science by recent advances in the use of chemotherapeutics, antibiotics, and surgery for the treatment of tuberculosis. The first section is devoted to the morphology and cytology of the tubercle bacillus. Here Dr. Darzins outlines the physical, biological, and chemical methods of identifying cell structures. In the next section he considers the sources of energy and growth of the bacillus. He proceeds in the following section to a discussion of the methods of isolating and identifying the bacillus. The fourth part deals with a major problem of tuberculosis bacteriology, that of distinguishing the types of bacilli and determining their pathogenicity. In the final section he considers the problems of experimental work and points out the hazards and the need for precautions in laboratory work.

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The Bacteriology of Tuberculosis

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