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3rd April 2011, 10:57 AM
Sheep Medicine - 2004

Post Graduate Foundation in Veterinary Science, University of Sydney

The Sheep Medicine major course was run in May of 2004.
The proceeding contains informative 344-page lecture notes which aim to help veterinarians gain confidence in sheep medicine.

Contents include:

diseases of the respiratory system of sheep
lameness in sheep excluding footrot
sudden death in sheep
syndromes of wasting and alimentary diseases in sheep
syndromes of skin diseases and wool loss
syndromes of neuromuscular diseases
Johne's Disease
external parasites of sheep
managing flock structure for production and profit
management of helminth parasites in Australia
abortion in sheep
perinatal lamb mortality
brain removal techniques
benchmarking a valuable management tool
grazing to higher stock numbers
intensifying prime lamb production
whole farm nutrition