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25th April 2011, 01:31 AM
Deer Farming in Australia

42 pages
Code: 02-128
Author(s): Chris Tuckwell
ISBN: 0-642-58527-X
Major goals of the 2000/2002 research and development program were the amendment and improvement of the Deer Industry Quality Assurance program and the development of computer software to assist recording and analysis of information necessary for the maintenance of individual property quality assurance accreditation. This projectís primary foci were to: (i) produce and disseminate new Quality Assurance manuals to all registered manual holders; (ii) produce and disseminate the new quality assurance software program (Deer QAMA); (iii) retrain existing industry quality assurance facilitators and; (iv) continue collection and analysis of industry statistics. All project goals have been achieved and are reported here.