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25th April 2011, 02:39 PM
Identification of Horses with Resistance to Small Strongyles

48 pages
Published: 12 June 2009
Author(s): Glen Coleman, Jennifer Seddon, , Kim Jell
ISBN: 1-74151-881-4

This RIRDC report investigates the feasibility of developing a simple test (or tests) for the identification of an individual horse’s resistance to cyathostomin infections and/or contribution to pasture contamination with nematodes. Such a test would facilitate the development of more rational nematode control strategies by identifying those animals that may usefully be targeted for more (or less) regular anthelmintic treatments. Over the last twenty years, small strongyles or cyathostomins have emerged as the most important internal parasites of the horse. The significance of cyathostomins to the horse industry lies in both their pathogenicity (as agents of colic and/or clinical larval cyathostominosis) and in their resistance to anthelmintics.