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Pages: 116
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
Edition: 2004
Language: English


This reader-friendly guide helps veterinary nurses and technicians use calculations to determine dosage rates, anesthetic flow rates, radiography exposure rates, parenteral nutrition, and more. Self-assessment questions, examples, logos, clinical hints and tips clarify important concepts and ensure that readers master everything they need to know about calculations in their day-to-day clinical environment.

Content covers everything readers need to know about veterinary nursing calculations in a user-friendly format.
All aspects of mathematics that apply to veterinary nursing and technology are clearly explained.
Extensive illustrations clarify important points and help readers understand the material.
Self-test sections, plus clinical hints and tips, ensure retention of core facts.
Guidance on avoiding potential pitfalls and common errors is provided.

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Dosage Calculation for Veterinary Nurses

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