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Gestes Techniques et Soins Intensifs
Guide illustre des procedures chez le chien et le chat
by Michael Verset


Pages: 242
Edition: 2008
Language: French
ISBN: 978-2863262542


In an urgency scene or intensive care in the dog as well as in the cat there's numerous basic techniques rapid and easily to execute, certains are more complicated and demand to be exercise to make them familiar: venous catheterism, tracheostomy, thoracic drainage, gastrocentesis, transtracheal lavage, peritoneal dialysis, etc.
The author's objetive is to describe here in a synthetic way the original and/or current procedures to introduce in a quotidian practice. The indications and contraindications of each act are clearly identified, so the eventual risks of complication associated and the maesures to try to disengage.
This book constitude an authentic illustrated guide to help practitioners to execute the different procedures in the dog or in the cat.

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Gestes Techniques en Urgence et Soins Intensifs
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