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  1. Animal production food safety challenges in global markets

    Started by iucifjr, 5th October 2013 10:15 PM
    (world, and other, animal, animal production, antibiotics, antimicrobial, antimicrobial resistance, associated with, contaminants, development, fish, fish and, food safety, health, of animal, perspectives, practical, production, systems, traceability, veterinary, veterinary services, zoonotic pathogens
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    Last Post: 5th October 2013 10:15 PM
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    Last Post: 1st October 2013 03:51 PM
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    Last Post: 1st October 2013 03:42 PM
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  2. The Anatomical Atlas of Gallus

    Started by Motoko, 27th September 2013 12:29 AM
    1st., anatomical, anatomy, anatomy and, and other, atlas, atlas of, avian, color, decades, fowl, gallus, pdf, physiology, researchers, size, students, understanding, volume, work
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    Last Post: 27th September 2013 12:29 AM
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  3. A Colour Atlas of Salmonid Diseases, 2nd. Edition

    Started by Motoko, 22nd September 2013 12:56 AM
    2nd. edition, anatomy, and other, atlas, atlas of, colour, diagnosis, diseases, disorders, functional, fungal, guide, identification, importance, infection, pathology, pdf, practical, production, salmonid, version, volume
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    Last Post: 22nd September 2013 12:56 AM
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  4. Essentials of Medical Physiology

    Started by syammu, 20th September 2013 11:56 AM
    6th edition, advances in, and other, applied, biology, book, care, clinical, dental, endocrinology, essentials, gastrointestinal, general, health, importance, in molecular, molecular, molecular biology, physiology, pregnancy, principles of, reproductive, skin, systems, topics
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    Last Post: 20th September 2013 11:56 AM
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  5. Wildlife Forensic Investigation Principles and Practice

    Started by Motoko, 11th September 2013 04:20 PM
    and other, animals, animals and, application, applied, captivity, conservation, forensic, importance, insurance, investigating, investigation, management, of plants, practice, principles, principles and, principles and practice, process, species, techniques, welfare, wildlife
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    Last Post: 11th September 2013 04:20 PM
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  6. Lobsters Biology, Management, Aquaculture & Fisheries

    Started by Motoko, 11th August 2013 09:38 AM
    and conservation, and other, aquaculture, aquaculture and, behaviour, biology, conservation, development, ecology, ecosystems, fisheries, genetics, growth, lobsters, lobsters: biology, management, management and, reproduction, research, second edition
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    Last Post: 11th August 2013 09:38 AM
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  7. Guide to Foodborne Pathogens

    Started by Motoko, 11th August 2013 09:30 AM
    agents, and other, color, control, current, ebook, epidemiology, essential, food safety, foodborne, guide, guide to, in the, methods, of the, pathogens, pdf, prevention, research, responsible, seafood, technologies, to the
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    Last Post: 11th August 2013 09:30 AM
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    Last Post: 5th August 2013 01:24 AM
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  8. [Pharmacology] Principles of Biochemical Toxicology, 4th Edition

    Started by Motoko, 31st July 2013 11:43 PM
    2008, 4th edition, and other, approach, assessment, biochemical, bone, color, concerns, effects, foreign, learning, mechanisms, molecular, pdf, principles, principles of, research, systems, teaching, textbook, toxicology
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    Last Post: 31st July 2013 11:43 PM
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  9. [Microbiology] Methods in Microbiology Series

    Started by Tomajwwii, 5th October 2010 01:52 PM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    2000, 22000, acids, agents, algae, analysis, analytical, and measurement, and other, and physical, animals, antibacterial, antibody, antigens, ants, application, applications, aquatic, assessment, automated, bacteria, bacterial, bacteriophage, biochemical, biological, books, campylobacter, cell, cells, cellular, chemical, classification, clinical, color, composition, computer, construction, control, culture, culture of, design, determination, diagnosis, diseases, dna, effects, enterobacteriaceae, epidemiological, epidemiology, equipment, evaluation, evolution, fermentation, fixation, for fungi, formulation, free, fungal, fungi pathogenic, gene, genetic, green, growth, guide, guide to, identification, identification of, in the, infectious, information, investigations, iso, isolation, james, laboratory, measurements, media, metabolic, metabolism, methodology, methods, methods and, methods in, microbial, microbiological, microbiology, molecular, mycoplasmas, norris, of bacteria, of some, of the, organisms, original, pathogenic, pathways, physical, practical, practice, preservation, principles, principles and, principles and practice, principles of, pro, procedures, process, production, products, pseudo, purification, quality, quantitative, racing, reference, regulation, related, relationships, requirements, research, selectio, serology, size, small, soil, species, sport, staphylococcus, sterilization of, streptococcus, structure, structures, study, studying, systems, taxonomy, techniques, techniques for, techniques in, tests, the effects, the study of, to the, transmission, treatment, tube, unknown, use of, vibrio, volume, volume 6, weight, xiv, yeasts
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    Last Post: 23rd August 2013 10:21 AM
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    Last Post: 22nd July 2013 09:21 PM
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  10. Avian Diseases (Russian)

    Started by Kruza, 22nd July 2013 03:09 PM
    домашних, 1st., and other, avian, birds, book, data, diseases, doctors, domestic, foreign, house, in the, infectious, researchers, russia, view, wild, work
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    Last Post: 17th December 2013 03:50 PM
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  11. Diseases of Poultry, Tenth Edition (Russian)

    Started by Kruza, 22nd July 2013 02:33 PM
    and other, avian, color, complete, control, diagnosis, diseases, disorders, emerging diseases, infection, infections, infectious, influenza, internal, metabolic, parasites, poisons, poultry, pro, research, russia, salmonella, sourcebook, treatment, volume
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    Last Post: 22nd July 2013 02:33 PM
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  12. Thinking Animals

    Started by Motoko, 21st July 2013 05:09 PM
    and its, and other, and the role, animal, animals, charts, color, critical, ethics, free, human, importance, introduction to the, of animal, of the, pdf, perspectives, pet, real, species, the role of, thinking, to the
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    Last Post: 21st July 2013 05:09 PM
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  13. The Biology of Scorpions

    Started by Motoko, 12th July 2013 01:05 AM
    and other, animals, biochemistry, biology, biology of, care, color, ecology, ems, files, human, insects and, morphology, pdf, physiological, research, s in, scorpions, small, small animals, species, system, the biology, to the
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    Last Post: 12th July 2013 01:05 AM
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  14. Snakes B*rron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals

    Started by Motoko, 11th July 2013 09:44 PM
    amphibians, and other, animal, animals, b*rron's, bird, care, cat, complete, dog, feeding, fish, guides to, health, manual, manuals, north america, owner's, pet, pets, reptiles, series, snakes, training
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    Last Post: 11th July 2013 09:44 PM
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  15. Handbook on ingredients for aquaculture feeds

    Started by syammu, 10th July 2013 03:28 AM
    and other, animals, aquaculture, aquatic, aquatic animals, aspects, chemical, crustaceans, environmental, feed, feeding, fishes, food, foods, handbook, information, nutrition, of the, physiological, pollution, processing, size, text, traditional, understanding
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    Last Post: 10th July 2013 03:28 AM
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  16. Identifying Marine Phytoplankton

    Started by syammu, 6th July 2013 01:03 PM
    and other, books, critical, dia, guide, guide to, guides, identification, identification of, in the, information, light, literature, made, marine, modern, of marine, size, species, techniques, techniques for, thesis, to the, tools, world
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    Last Post: 6th July 2013 01:03 PM
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  17. Genome Mapping and Genomics in Arthropods

    Started by Motoko, 1st July 2013 08:28 PM
    2001, and other, animals, aquatic, aquatic animals, arthropods, companion animals, fishes, gene, genetic, genome, genomics, health, importance, in animals, insects and, mapping, parasites, parasitic, primates, series, species, systems
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    Last Post: 1st July 2013 08:28 PM
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  18. The General Care and Maintenance of Savannah Monitors

    Started by Motoko, 30th June 2013 11:26 PM
    and other, asia, black, book, breeding, care, color, essential, general, in the, information, mai, maintenance, monitors, of the, pdf, pet, savannah, size, species, trade, water
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    Last Post: 30th June 2013 11:26 PM
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  19. Malformed Frogs The Collapse of Aquatic Ecosystems

    Started by Motoko, 30th June 2013 07:26 PM
    2008, and other, aquatic, book, collapse, color, ecology, ecosystems, environmental, frogs, images, malformed, nutrient, of the, parasitology, pdf, pesticide, populations, practical, quality, science, the science
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    Last Post: 30th June 2013 07:26 PM
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  20. [Pathology] Basic Pathology, Fourth Edition

    Started by parkkim, 26th June 2013 09:17 AM
    4th edition, and other, basic, bee, book, cell, clinical, dental, disease, disorders, edition, fourth, growth, health, introduction, key, mechanisms, medical, nursing, pathology, pdf, signs, students, study, text
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    Last Post: 26th June 2013 09:17 AM
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