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  1. Cirugía en la Clínica de Pequeños Animales

    Started by Motoko, 6th September 2018 07:35 PM
    animales, cases, cirugia, collection, color, common, file, foreign, images, of the, pdf, pequeños, pequeños animales, procedures, quality, size, spanish, surgical, techniques, torax, treatment, volume
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    Last Post: 6th September 2018 07:35 PM
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    Last Post: 3rd July 2018 03:51 PM
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    BSAVA Books

  2. Avian Surgical Anatomy. Thoracic and Pelvic Limbs.

    Started by Motoko, 27th August 2017 11:19 PM
    anatomy, avian, limbs, pelvic, surgical, thoracic
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    Last Post: 27th August 2017 11:19 PM
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  3. Small Animal Surgery [Fossum - 1st Edition 1997]

    Started by Itta, 9th April 2009 04:15 PM
    1st edition, amazon, animal, book, college, color, edition, files, images, language, list, product, reference, size, small, small animal, small animal surgery, students, surgeons, surgery, surgical, texas, text, textbook, veterinaria, welch
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    Last Post: 1st June 2017 05:10 PM
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  4. Head and Neck Surgery One

    Started by peruk, 27th August 2011 12:57 PM
    anatomy, approach, board, brush, color, computer, dvd, elib4vet, guide, image, life, minutes, of the, operation, patient, phd, practice, procedures, reference, size, surgery, surgical, techniques, vet, videos
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    Last Post: 5th August 2015 05:35 AM
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  5. Sticky Thread Sticky: Atlas of Large Animal Surgery [1985]

    Started by veselin616, 7th June 2009 10:16 AM
    and other, animal, animals, atlas, atlas of, book, bovine, color, colour, essential, files, food, general, large animal, limitations of, of the, practice, requirements, species, surgeons, surgery, surgical, techniques, text, treatment, veterinary
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    Last Post: 19th January 2015 11:54 AM
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  6. [Surgery] Dog Eye Removal

    Started by Dr. Gholipour, 9th January 2013 04:29 AM
    a dog, color, dog, eye, language, running, surgical, time
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    Last Post: 7th September 2014 06:51 PM
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  7. [Surgery] Surgical Correction of Third Eyelid Prolapse in Dogs

    Started by Dr. Gholipour, 1st January 2013 10:06 PM
    dog, dogs, edition, language, running, surgical, technique, time, vet
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    Last Post: 6th July 2014 02:42 AM
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  8. AO Principles of Equine Osteosynthesis - 2001

    Started by and1991, 10th April 2011 02:59 PM
    2001, animal, bones, book, cd-rom, current, easy, equine, information, large, large animal, online, post, principles, principles of, size, standing, surgical, teaching, text, thesis, to the, upload, videos, working
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    Last Post: 11th May 2014 08:24 PM
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    Last Post: 2nd May 2014 12:35 PM
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  9. Biomaterials for Surgical Operation

    Started by rocky, 3rd January 2012 12:50 PM
    applied, associated with, bone, books, clinical, color, critical, dle, easy, growth, images, in developing, made, of the, operation, pdf, performance, practical, review, surgery, surgical, sutures, treatment, volume, wound
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    Last Post: 2nd March 2014 07:51 PM
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    Last Post: 9th January 2014 02:06 AM
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  10. Respiratory Diseases of the Horse

    Started by Motoko, 25th April 2013 09:34 PM
    approach, book, clinical, clinical examination, color, diagnosis, diagnostic, diseases, disorders, equine, horse, management, methods, methods and, of the, pdf, respiratory, surgical, tests, therapy, to the, use of
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    Last Post: 8th January 2014 03:23 AM
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  11. Surgical Knot Tying Manual Third Edition

    Started by joker, 12th November 2012 08:59 AM
    application, basis, edition, elements, essential, hand, knot, knot tying, list, long, manual, pdf, performance, products, scientific, selectio, selection, square, surgery, surgical, sutures, techniques, tying, william
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    Last Post: 17th December 2013 08:58 PM
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  12. [Demonstration] Veterinary Ophthalmic Surgery - Companion and Suplementary Videos

    Started by Motoko, 3rd October 2013 06:47 PM
    anaesthesia, book, color, companion, ear, james, online, ophthalmic, procedures, species, suplementary, surgery, surgical, systems, university, veterinary, video, videos, website
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    Last Post: 3rd October 2013 06:47 PM
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  13. [Surgery] Castration in Animals

    Started by Dr. Gholipour, 27th December 2012 05:42 PM
    animal, animals, canine, cas, castration, cat, color, dog, feline, files, in animal, in animals, language, lori, mp4, ovariohysterectomy, pet, pig, rose, running, surgery, surgical, time, vet, veterinary
    • Replies: 3
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    Last Post: 26th August 2013 08:19 PM
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  14. [Surgery] Neuter Surgery & Pediatrics. All about it! Seminars.

    Started by ricky4242, 5th February 2012 03:25 PM
    animals, care, cat, dogs, exam, fat, great, images, knot, learning, list, medical, miller, patient, pdf, problem, procedures, protocols, standard, surgery, surgical, technician, veterinary, veterinary technician, video
    • Replies: 1
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    Last Post: 14th August 2013 07:45 PM
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    Last Post: 11th August 2013 11:54 PM
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  15. Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery in Clinical Practice

    Started by pepe995, 19th May 2013 01:55 AM
    2008, amazon, and medical, books, clinical, color, guide, guide to, images, in the, list, management, medical, of the, orthopedic, pdf, practical, practice, search, size, students, surgery, surgical, to the, working
    • Replies: 1
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    Last Post: 8th August 2013 12:28 AM
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    Last Post: 25th July 2013 04:11 AM
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    Last Post: 12th July 2013 07:56 AM
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  16. [Surgery] Animal Bladder Stone Surgery

    Started by balsam shalaan, 11th April 2011 08:58 PM
    .flv, alternative, animal, bladder, canine, case, color, feline, file, great, horse, horses, in the, infection, large, of the, patient, radiography, size, stone, surgery, surgical, video, watch
    • Replies: 4
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    Last Post: 22nd June 2013 12:02 AM
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    Last Post: 25th May 2013 10:38 AM
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  17. Blood sampling tutorials and reference site NC3Rs

    Started by angelcat1144, 25th May 2013 10:34 AM
    blood, dog, guinea pig, hamster, ice, information, methods, mouse, page, pig, practice, rabbit, rat, species, surgical, tai, tutorials
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    Last Post: 25th May 2013 10:34 AM
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  18. Poll: [Surgery] Aseptic techniques in rodent

    Started by angelcat1144, 25th May 2013 09:59 AM
    animal, approaches, bee, care, europe, in the, made, medical, methods, north america, of animal, of the, procedures, rodent, rodents, section, standards, surgery, surgical, techniques, techniques in, technology, tutorials, university, website
    • Replies: 0
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    Last Post: 25th May 2013 09:59 AM
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