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Thread: Book chapter: Gastrointestinal motor functions in ruminants

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    Default Book chapter: Gastrointestinal motor functions in ruminants

    Gastrointestinal motor functions in ruminants

    • Book chapter: CHAPTER 34 Gastrointestinal motor functions in ruminants
    • Author: Yves Ruckebusch
    • Page range: 1225 - 1282
    • Book : Handbook of Physiology , Supplement 16: The Gastrointestinal System, Motility and Circulation
    • Year published: 1989
    • Publisher: American Physiological Society

    Chapter content:
    1 Mammalian Herbivore Stomach
    1.1 Morphological Adaptation to Bulky Food
    1.2 Functional Adaptation to Fermentation
    1.3 Functional Adaptation to Absorption
    1.4 Retention Time and Food Propulsion
    2 Forestomach Motility
    2.1 Cyclical Contractions of Reticulorumen
    2.2 Events Associated With Rumination
    2.3 Events Associated With Eructation
    2.4 Cyclical Activity of Omasum
    2.5 Reticular Groove Mechanisms
    2.6 Nervous Control of Forestomach Motility
    3 Stomach Motility
    3.1 Motor Patterns of Activity
    3.2 Duodenal Brake Mechanism
    3.3 Control of Gastric Emptying
    4 Small Intestine Motility
    4.1 Periodic Activity
    4.2 Mixing Versus Propelling Activity
    4.3 Motor Function of Duodenal Bulb
    4.4 Pancreaticobiliary Secretions
    4.5 Nervous Control
    4.6 5-Hydroxy tryptamine
    5 Large Intestine Motility
    5.1 Functional Organization
    5.2 Cecal Motility Patterns
    5.3 Pelleted Feces Formation
    5.4 Neural Influences
    6 Pharmacological Considerations
    6.1 Drugs Affecting Forestomach Motility
    6.2 Drugs Affecting Gastroduodenal Junction
    6.3 Perspectives

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    Default Re: Book chapter: Gastrointestinal motor functions in ruminants

    Really need this one!
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