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Thread: Guide for the breeding and growing of sturgeon

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    Default Guide for the breeding and growing of sturgeon

    Guide for the breeding and growing of sturgeon

    Prof.Chebanov M.S.
    Pub. Date: 2004
    Publisher: "Rosinformagroteh"
    Format: Paperback, 148pp
    Format: PDF
    Size: 10.68 MB.
    Text book-Russian

    CHAPTER 1.
    Artificial reproduction of sturgeon fishes
    Selection of mature producers, obtaining fertilized eggs
    Autumn appraisal
    Wintering manufacturers
    Spring appraisal
    Prespawning conditioning manufacturers
    Hormonal stimulation of spawning manufacturers
    Recommendations for use superactive analogue
    gonadotropin-releasing hormone mammals (GnRHa, «Surfagon)
    View females, signs of maturing
    Getting ovulated eggs
    Obtaining sperm
    Degumming caviar
    Incubation of eggs
    Determining the percentage of fertilization
    Observations on the further development of eggs
    Aging prelarvae
    The transition of larvae to exogenous feeding
    Feeding sturgeon
    Preventive and curative interventions in growing
    sturgeon fish in the pools
    Growth of young fish in ponds

    Sturgeon management based SEASONALITY
    Selection of vendors
    The technique of accumulation of wild manufacturers
    Permanent storage mode
    Conclusion on the spawning mode
    Mode of incubation of eggs and temperature adaptation prelarvae

    Viability of sturgeon
    Evaluation of the physiological state of sturgeon in
    "Background" reactions of pigmented cells (melanophore)
    Eco-physiological method of functional loads
    Test "open field"
    Neuropharmacological testing

    NUMBER OF YOUNG in natural waters

    Formation of broodstock
    The first appraisal
    Morphological abnormalities, most often found in
    sturgeon to the first appraisal of
    The second appraisal
    Recommendations on the formation of sexual structures of the fallopian
    Growing repair and producers of sturgeon
    Dependence of the maturation of sturgeon
    the temperature regime of detention
    Features of adaptation of "wild" fish to the content in

    ELEMENTARY sanitary - preventive

    FISH BY U.S.
    Anatomical features of the gonads in the early stages of development
    Specification for ultrasonic scanner designed
    for the early diagnosis of lifetime sex determination and
    maturity stages of gonads of sturgeon
    Resolution of the method
    early diagnosis of lifetime sex
    and the definition of maturity stages of gonads of sturgeon
    The technique of ultrasound
    The procedure of ultrasound
    Detection of the gonads by ultrasound frontal sections
    Diagnosis of sex in front ultrasonic shear
    by ultrasound


    Development of biological bases of breeding of sturgeons devoted
    large number of publications, and it is important that the priority in this area,
    undoubtedly belongs to the eminent local scientists (NL
    Gerbilsky, AN Derzhavin, IA Barannikova, TA Detlaph, AS Ginsburg,
    BN Kazan, Nikolai Ivanovich Kozhin, VA Lukyanenko). These works served
    Scientific basis for an ambitious program of pasture
    sturgeon in the basins of the Azov and Caspian seas in the 60-70 years
    the last century. To improve the efficiency of the sturgeon
    hatcheries were released methodical normative
    technological documents, which set out the basic elements
    bioengineering industrial breeding of various species of sturgeon.
    That, in terms of dams, industrial
    reproduction has played a major role in the formation of reserves
    sturgeons in natural waters, especially in the Sea of ​​Azov required
    improvement of bio breeding of sturgeon and adaptation methods
    reproduction to new environmental conditions. This appointment
    consistent collection of "Instructions and regulatory guidelines
    Industrial breeding of sturgeons in the Caspian and Azov
    Seas ", published in 1986 While methods for industrial
    reproduction of sturgeon examined in this book were
    based on the new results of comprehensive studies of various
    aspects of developmental biology of sturgeons, they were based on
    the use of "wild" producers, harvested in the rivers of the Azov
    and the Caspian basin.
    The sharp reduction in the number of mature producers in the Caspian
    and Azov Seas, in spite of the prohibition of fishing for
    sturgeon since 2000. led to the need for an early formation
    brood stock bred species. However, sturgeon hatchery
    plants in Russia still do not have manuals and even temporary
    standard materials in various stages of fish-breeding process
    breeding and rearing brood stocks of various species of sturgeon.
    Need to develop such leadership is also explained by
    the fact that in the past two decades in Russia, Italy, USA, France and
    Other countries have conducted special research and experimental
    work, analyzed and summarized the experience of commercial breeding,
    formation and fish using different brood stock
    sturgeon species, including anadromous, much improved
    existing and new methods and technological methods
    breeding of sturgeon.
    In addition, despite the intensive development of various forms of
    tovarnogo sturgeon in Russia (including farming), the annual volumes
    which reached 3000 tonnes, the food caviar from an artificially created
    brood stock so far carried out only in experimental
    scales. One reason is the absence until recently
    time methods for early diagnosis of sex of sturgeon, from
    age males reach marketable weight (1 year and 1.5 kg), which allowed
    would significantly increase the efficiency of formation and use is not
    only the "milk" brood stock, but, of course, tribal and collectibles
    brood stock of sturgeon.
    Development of the authors of the new leadership rapid method of early
    ultrasound sex determination and maturity stages of gonads
    solves this problem.
    This guide is based on the latest achievements of science and
    experiences tovarnogo sturgeon and, of course,
    previous regulatory and procedural documents referred to in
    However, the authors deliberately consider the separate
    biotic stages of breeding and rearing of sturgeon with varying
    the level of detail. The focus of the guide is paid less
    known, not previously described elements of the industrial sturgeon
    relating, in particular, directed the formation of structure repair
    brood stock of sturgeon, manage the seasonality of their reproduction, early
    Ultrasound diagnosis of sex of sturgeon and other original results
    long-term studies of the authors.
    We express our deep appreciation to all employees of the South
    branch of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Federal Selection-Genetic Center
    Fish (LF FSUE FCFGS) and the Division of Reproduction and anadromous
    semi fish Krasnodar Research Institute of Fisheries (OVPPR
    KrasNIIRH) and, especially, V. Berezovsky, EA Savelyeva, I.T.
    Dyachenko, and YG Merkulov, and V. Krupskaya for assistance in preparing

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