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Thread: Herbal Principles in Cosmetics: Properties and Mechanisms of Action

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    Default Herbal Principles in Cosmetics: Properties and Mechanisms of Action

    Herbal Principles in Cosmetics: Properties and Mechanisms of Action

    RC Press | ISBN:1439812136 | Jun 23, 2010 | PDF | 460 pages | 58 mb

    Interest in the molecular and mechanistic aspects of cosmetic research has grown exponentially during the past decade. Herbal Principles in Cosmetics: Properties and Mechanisms of Action critically examines the botanical, ethnopharmacological, phytochemical, and molecular aspects of botanical active ingredients used in cosmetics. Along with dermatological and cosmetic uses, the book also explores the toxicological aspects of these natural ingredients, maintaining a balanced view that carefully dissects the hype from the solid science.

    Contains Comprehensive Monographs of Herbs Useful for Skin Care & Diseases
    Authored by a panel of experts in cell physiology, phytochemistry, ethnopharmacology, applied botany, ethnobotany, and cosmetic science, the book begins with background in skin anatomy and physiology and also the classification, mechanisms of action, and application of herbal compounds. It provides monographs complete with therapeutic properties, specific action and dermatologic properties, toxicities, pictures, and references. The book also addresses the complexities of green biodiversity, including not only higher plants, but also mushrooms, algae, lichens, and bacteria – each chosen for their importance in traditional use, potential for innovation, or recent introduction to market.

    Includes a Vivid Color Insert with Photographs of Botanical Species
    Herbal Principles in Cosmetics: Properties and Mechanisms of Action is one of the few books devoted to the mechanisms of action of herbal compounds based on scientific analysis, making it an exceptionally valuable reference for pharmacologists, natural product chemists, skin physiologists, and dermatologists.

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