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Thread: Recirculation--aeration: Bibliography For Aquaculture

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    Default Recirculation--aeration: Bibliography For Aquaculture

    Recirculation-aeration: Bibliography For Aquaculture

    Peter W. Perschbacher
    Rebecka v. Powell
    Donald W. Freeman
    Wendell J. Lorio
    Agricultural Research Service
    Aquaculture Research Project
    Tishomingo, OK 73460


    Deborah T. Hantman
    Aquaculture Information Center
    National Agricultural Library
    Beltsville, MD 20705

    National Agricultural Library
    Beltsville, Maryland

    by OCR:
    Recirculation - Aeration Bibliography for Aquaculture contains
    lit erature citations through 1992 related to water recirculation
    and aeration in aquaculture . The focus is on filtration,
    aerat i on, and circulation techniques in various aquaculture
    situations. We attempt t o provide broad exposure to water
    quality, organics removal, invertebrate and algal culture
    systems, diseases and sterilization, and economics. References
    on partial recycled systems utilizing wastewater treatment
    processes, and relevant sanitary engineering are also included.
    This compilation is an indirect result of our research efforts i n
    Oklahoma to develop alternative production technologies for
    catfish. We hope this bibliography will be of interest to
    aquaculture scientists and educators. We feel thi s document will
    be of value particularly to researchers in the rapidly developing
    fields of closed system aquaculture and water conservation .
    Citations are divided into 19 sections by subject. Within each
    section, t he citations a r e arranged a l phabetically by author
    surname . I ndivi dual citations may appear under multiple subject
    categories. A few computer software packages have been developed
    in the area of recirculat ion systems. They are listed under
    Electronic Media and include relevant information about the
    product. This bibliography should not be considered as all
    Hidden contents (Our Amazon affiliate links)
    You must click 'Thank You' before you can see the data contained here. You can purchase this item from Amazon with discount through our amazon affiliate link.
    BUT You DONOT have sufficient rights to see the hidden data contained here.
    Please Register to see contents.
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