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Thread: Soybean and Nutrition 2011

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    Default Soybean and Nutrition 2011

    Soybean and Nutrition

    Edited by: Hany El-Shemy

    ISBN: 978-953-307-536-5,
    Hard cover,
    476 pages,
    Publisher: InTech
    Publication date: September 2011

    Product Description

    Worldwide, soybean seed proteins represent a major source of amino acids for human and animal nutrition. Soybean seeds are an important and economical source of protein in the diet of many developed and developing countries. Soy is a complete protein and soy-foods are rich in vitamins and minerals. Soybean protein provides all the essential amino acids in the amounts needed for human health. Recent research suggests that soy may also lower risk of prostate, colon and breast cancers as well as osteoporosis and other bone health problems and alleviate hot flashes associated with menopause. This volume is expected to be useful for student, researchers and public who are interested in soybean.

    Table of Contents

    Nutritional Value of Soybean Meal
    Teresa Banaszkiewicz

    Soy as a Functional Food
    Jocelem Mastrodi Salgado and Carlos M. Donado-Pestana

    Use of Soybean in Cereal Based Food Formulation and Development of Nutritionally Improved Foods
    Silvina R. Drago, María S. Lassa, Roberto L. Torres, Dardo M. De Greef and Rolando J. González

    Phytase: An Enzyme to Improve Soybean Nutrition
    Xin Gen Lei and Jesus M. Porres

    Utilization of Soybean as Food Stuffs in Korea
    Dong Hwa Shin

    Soybean Meal Quality and Analytical Techniques
    W. A. Dozier, III and J. B. Hess

    Advances in Soybean and Soybean By-Products in Monogastric Nutrition and Health
    Samuel N. Nahashon and Agnes K. Kilonzo-Nthenge

    Soya, Human Nutrition and Health
    Sylvia Burssens, Ine Pertry, Delphin Diasolua Ngudi, Yu-Haey Kuo, Marc Van Montagu and Fernand Lambein

    Feeds with Probiotics in Animals’ Nutrition
    Joanna Biernasiak, Katarzyna Śliżewska and Zdzisława Libudzisz

    Using Exogenous Enzymes to Increase the Nutritional Value of Soybean Meal in Poultry Diet
    Tuoying Ao

    Soybean Peptide: Novel Plant Growth Promoting Peptide from Soybean
    Yoshiki Matsumiya and Motoki Kubo

    Dietary Effect of Soybean (Glycine max) Products on Gut Histology and Microbiota of Fish
    Daniel L. Merrifield, Rolf Erik Olsen, Reidar Myklebust and Einar Ringø

    Soybean Oil in Horses’ Diets
    Fernando Queiroz de Almeida and Fernanda Nascimento de Godoi

    Effect of Maternal Selenium and Methionine on Poultry Products (Egg and Meat) Qualities and Oxidative Stability
    D. J. Wu, X. J. Pan, Z. G. Wang, Z. Q. Peng, L. Y. Zhao and Y. W. Zhang

    Soy and Soy-Based Foods: Role in Health and Nutrition
    Ana Villares, Ana García-Lafuente, Irene Palacios, Miguel Lozano, Carlos Moro and Eva Guillamón

    “Okara” a New Preparation of Food Material with Antioxidant Activity and Dietary Fiber from Soybean
    Kohei Suruga, Akihisa Kato, Kazunari Kadokura, Wataru Hiruma, Yoshihiro Sekino, C. A. Tony Buffington and Yasuhiho Komatsu

    Soybean: Friend or Foe
    Cristina M. Sena and Raquel M. Seiça

    Metabolism of α- Linolenic Acid (ALA) in Meat Animals
    Pilar Teresa Garcia

    Soya Bean Meal and Its Extensive Use in Livestock Feeding and Nutrition
    Yulong Yin, Andrew A. Fatufe and Francois Blachier

    Soybean and Allergy
    Keiji Sugiura and Mariko Sugiura

    Soybean: Food or Remedy?
    Sandra Maria Barbalho and Flávia, M. V. Farinazzi-Machado

    Soybean the Main Nitrogen Source in Cultivation Substrates of Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms
    Diego Cunha Zied, Jean-Michel Savoie and Arturo Pardo-Giménez

    Assessing Compositional Differences in Soy Products and Impacts on Health Claims
    Joyce Boye and Sabine Ribéreau

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