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Thread: Fish Immunology and Biotechnology

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    Default Fish Immunology and Biotechnology

    Fish Immunology and Biotechnology

    Archana Prabhakar, Swastik Publications, 2010, viii, 312 p, ISBN : 9380138312


    1. Understanding immunology.
    2. Immunopathologic mechanisms.
    3. The immune system of fish.
    4. Immunopathologic diseases.
    5. Digestive system of fish.
    6. Circulatory system of fish.
    7. Excretion and Osmoregulation in fish.
    8. Endocrine system of fish.
    9. Aquatic pollution.
    10. Biotechnology in fisheries and aquaculture.
    11. Immunocytochemistry and fish.
    12. Fish diseases.
    13. Protozoa infecting gills and skin.
    14. Fish health management.

    "Fish Immunology and Biotechnology discusses the biological factors of fish development along with the immune system and biotechnological applications of aquaculture. This book is written for students of zoology, veterinary science, teachers and researchers working in this direction. The recent progress achieved in a aquatic genomics research has important implications in science and aquaculture. Researchers' success in genome sequencing of the fugu has provided a foundation not only for comparative fish genomics but also for genetic studies of other vertebrates. This volume provides the latest information on genomic studies of a variety of aquatic organisms including fish, crustaceans, and shellfish, with descriptions of such methodologies as genome analysis, gene mapping, DNA markers, and EST analysis. Other topics include regulation of gene expression, stress and immune responses, sex differentiation, hormonal control, and transgenic fish. This book is a valuable resource for all scientists whose work involves aquatic organisms, especially for those in the fields of aquatic genomics, fish immunology, and aquatic biotechnology. The book is the result of deliberate effort on the part of author to introduce it as the book of its own kind with vividly explained facts. It throws light on fish genetics and biotechnology and their co-relation and interaction. All the topics carry the lucid expression of the facts with an elaborate description. The language and the way of expression of facts have been particularly taken into account." (jacket)

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    Default Re: Fish Immunology and Biotechnology

    Fish Immunology and Biotechnology

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