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Thread: Animal Science & Issues (Animal Science, Issues and Professions) 2011

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    Default Animal Science & Issues (Animal Science, Issues and Professions) 2011

    Animal Science & Issues (Animal Science, Issues and Professions)

    Jacob M. Jaworski

    Product details

    Hardcover: 464 pages
    Publisher: Nova Science Publishers Inc (1 Mar 2011)
    Language English
    ISBN-10: 1617618705
    ISBN-13: 978-1617618703
    Product Dimensions: 26.2 x 18 x 3.2 cm

    Product Description

    This book presents a comprehensive review of various studies in animal science. Topics discussed herein include the developmental expression profile of cockroach genes; zooplankton composition in an estuarine area; non-invasive methods of DNA sampling; morphology and distribution of four pill millipedes; and, immunotoxicity of azadirachtin in freshwater Mussel.

    Table of Contents


    Population Dynamics and Secondary Production of the Snail Neritina Virginea in an Estuary in Southern Brazil

    Reproduction and Life History in the Two Land Snails Monacha Cartusiana and Eobania Vermiculata in the Laboratory

    Effect of Sublethal Concentration of Arsenic on Hemocyte Density in Edible Crab, Scylla Serrata

    Immunotoxicity of Azadirachtin in Freshwater Mussle in Relation to Surface Adhesion of Hemocytes and Phagocytosis

    Aggregation and Chemical Induced Interference of Aggregation of Hemocytes of Indian Mudcrab Exposed to Arsenic

    Developmental Expression Profile of Cockroach Vitellogenin Genes Vg1 and 2

    Lectin Binding Pattern of Intestinal Goblet Cells in Horse, Pig and Rabbit

    Ultrastructural Aspects of Frequency of Ciliated Fibroblasts in the Periodontal Ligament of Incisor Tooth of Rats Submitted to Different Eruption Conditions

    Zooplankton Composition in an Estuarine Area of the State of Maranhão, Northeastern Brazil

    Morphology and Distribution of Four Pill Millipedes of the Western Ghats

    Comparison of Neihbor-Joining and Maximum-Parsimony Methods for Molecular Phylogeny of Oryx Species Using 12S RRNA and 16S RRNA Gene Sequences

    Haematological Parameters in Adult Channa Punctatus (Bloch) Subjected to Multistress With an Organophosphate Pesticide Coupled With Challenge of Aeromonads

    Description of Two New Species of Mites Infesting Edible Mushroom (Pleurotus Ostreatus)

    Usefulness of Noninvasive Methods of DNA Sampling But With a Caution

    Thyroid Hormone Mediated Maintenance of Glucose Homeostasis and Cytomorphology of Cardiac Muscle and Skin in Rat

    Oncotic Cytology in the Prevention of Cervical Cancer

    Phagocytosis and Nitric Oxide Generation by Haemocytes of Lamellidens Marginalis as Biomarkers of Arsenic Toxicity

    Spawning of the Endangered Killifish, Aphanius Disar Dispar (Ruppel, 1829), Under Laboratory Conditions

    Structure of a Glucan and a Heteropolymer From the Cell Wall of the Yeast Phaffia Rhodozyma

    Primary Immune Response and Parasite Dissemination in Canine Visceral Leishmaniasis

    Abstracts presented in - IV International Symposium on Development Biology and III Student Meeting of the Biology Development - Dra Chao Yun Irene Yan -Brasil
    Abstracts Presented in - X Brazilian Symposium on Extracellular Matrix and V International Symposium on Extracellular Matrix


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