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Thread: Marine Biotechnology in the Twenty-First Century: Problems, Promise, and Products

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    Default Marine Biotechnology in the Twenty-First Century: Problems, Promise, and Products

    I'd like to say thank to trunghieu1985. Who is generous to give us a book: Atlas of Zebrafish Development and many others.

    Book name: Marine Biotechnology in the Twenty-First Century: Problems, Promise, and Products.

    Publish year: 2002
    Pages number: 131

    Dramatic developments in understanding the fundamental underpinnings of life have provided exciting opportunities to make marine bioproducts an important part of the U.S. economy. Several marine based pharmaceuticals are under active commercial development, ecosystem health is high on the public's list of concerns, and aquaculture is providing an ever greater proportion of the seafood on our tables. Nevertheless, marine biotechnology has not yet caught the public's, or investor's, attention. Two workshops, held in October 1999 and November 2001 at the National Academies, were successful in highlighting new developments and opportunities in environmental and biomedical applications of marine biotechnology, and also in identifying factors that are impeding commercial exploitation of these products. This report includes a synthesis of the 2001 sessions addressing drug discovery and development, applications of genomics and proteomics to marine biotechnology, biomaterials and bioengineering, and public policy and essays contributed by the workshop speakers.

    Table of content:

    Executive Summary
    Biomedical Applications of Marine Natural Products: Overview of the 2001 Workshop
    Drug Discovery and Development,
    Genomics and Proteomics Applications for Marine Biotechnology,
    Biomaterials and Bioengineering,
    Public Policy, Partnerships, and Outreach in Marine Biotechnology,

    Keynote Address
    Fulfilling the Promise of Marine Biotechnology,
    Drug Discovery and Development
    Accessing Marine Biodiversity for Drug Discovery,
    Marine Natural Products as a Resource for Drug Discovery: Opportunities and Challenges,
    Mining the Ocean’s Pharmacological Riches: A Lesson from Taxol and the Vinca Alkaloids,
    Ecological Roles: Mechanisms for Discovery of Novel Targets, Comparative Biochemistry,
    The Interface of Natural Product Chemistry and Biology,
    Genomics and Proteomics
    High-Throughput Culturing for Microbial Discovery,
    The Genomics Revolution: Challenges and Opportunities,
    Microbial Genomics: Where Do We Go Now?,
    Biomaterials and Bioengineering
    The Commercialization of a Biopolymer Extracted from the]Marine Mussel, Mytilus edulis, 69
    Self-Cleaning Surfaces: Biolubricants, Drag Reduction,
    Uniform Microporous Biomaterials Prepared from Marine Skeletal Precursors,
    Environmental Aspects of Marine Biotechnology:Overview of the 1999 Workshop
    Environmental Health,
    Human Health,
    Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering, Drug Delivery, and Other
    Medically Related Applications: The Marine Source,
    Public Policy, Partnerships, and Outreach
    Biomedical Compounds Extracted from Coral Reef Organisms: Harvest Pressure, Conservation Concerns, and Sustainable Management,
    Productive Partnerships in Natural Product Discovery and Development,
    Commercialization of Marine Bioproducts: Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Issues,
    Planning, Partnerships, and Progress in Marine Biotechnology Research and Outreach in Florida,
    A Committee and Staff Biographical Sketches
    B National Research Council Project Oversight Boards
    C 2001 Marine Biotechnology Workshop: Biomedical Applications of Marine Natural Products—Agenda
    D 2001 Marine Biotechnology Workshop: Biomedical Applications of Marine Natural Products—Participants
    E 1999 Marine Biotechnology Workshop: Opportunities for Advancement of Environmental Marine Biotechnology—Participants
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