Acute Phase Proteins - Regulation and Functions of Acute Phase Proteins

Edited by: Francisco Veas

Book Details

ISBN: 978-953-307-252-4
Number of pages:368 pages
Publisher: InTech
Publication date: October 2011

Book Description

The two volumes of Acute Phase Proteins book consist of chapters that give a large panel of fundamental and applied knowledge on one of the major elements of the inflammatory process during the acute phase response, i.e., the acute phase proteins expression and functions that regulate homeostasis. We have organized this book in two volumes - the first volume, mainly containing chapters on structure, biology and functions of APP, the second volume discussing different uses of APP as diagnostic tools in human and veterinary medicine.


Preface IX

Chapter 1 Transcriptional Regulation of Acute Phase Protein Genes 1

Chapter 2 Acute Phase Proteins:Structure and Function Relationship 25

Chapter 3 Regulatory Mechanisms Controlling Inflammation and Synthesis of Acute Phase Proteins 61

Chapter 4 IL-22 Induces an Acute-Phase Response Associated to a Cohort of Acute Phase Proteins
and Antimicrobial Peptides as Players of Homeostasis 85

Chapter 5 Hemostatic Soluble Plasma Proteins During Acute-Phase Response and Chronic Inflammation 105

Chapter 6 Brain Barriers and the Acute-Phase Response 137

Chapter 7 Acute Phase Proteins: Ferritin and Ferritin Isoforms 153

Chapter 8 The Hepatic Acute Phase Response to Thermal Injury 185

Chapter 9 Adipocytokines in Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock 211

Chapter 10 Haptoglobin Function and Regulation in Autoimmune Diseases 229

Chapter 11 Acute-Phase Proteins: Alpha -1- Acid Glycoprotein 247

Chapter 12 Haptoglobin and Hemopexin in Heme Detoxification and Iron Recycling 261

Chapter 13 Haptoglobin is an Exercise-Responsive Acute-Phase Protein 289

Chapter 14 Acute Phase Proteins in Prototype Rheumatic Inflammatory Diseases 303

Chapter 15 Role of Fetuin-A in Injury and Infection 329

Chapter 16 Neutrophil Gelatinase Associated Lipocalin:Structure,Function and Role in Human Pathogenesis 345

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