Table of Contents
Small Animal - Anesthesiology

To premed or not to premed

Monitoring the anesthetized patient I

Monitoring the anesthetized patient I I

The hows and whys of local blocks

Anesthetic complications and emergencies

Managing prolonged, painful, and complicated recoveries

Linda Barter
Small Animal - Endocrinology

Typical, atypical, and pseudo-Cushing's disease: How do we distinguish and diagnose these disorders?

What's the best treatment for Cushing's disease? Trilostane vs. Mitotane

Pituitary macroadenoma in dogs with Cushing's: Diagnosis and management

Typical, atypical, and secondary Addison's disease: How do we diagnose and treat treat these 3 subtypes

Feline Cushing's and Addison's disease: Yes, cats get atypical Cushing's too

Hyperaldosteronism and other causes of hypertension in cats

Acromegaly in cats: Are we diagnosing just the 'Tip of the Iceberg'?

Insulin choices for the diabetic: Which preparations works best?

Mark Peterson
Small Animal - Endourology

Cystitis, scopes and lasers - Not your Momma's bladder stones.

No more puddles. Advances in therapy for the leaking dog.

Shelly Vaden

Canine and Feline Ureteral Stents

Interventional Palliative Treatment of Malignant Obstructions—Urinary, Vascular, GI

Tracy Hill
Small Animal - Dentistry

Open and closed tooth extractions

Analgesia for dental procedures

Bill Krug
Small Animal - Fluid Therapy

Fluid therapy: The choice is not always clear - I & II

Rita Hanel
Small Animal - Hematology

Interactive cases in hematology I

Interactive cases in hematology II

Jennifer Neel
Small Animal - Infectious Diseases

Bartonellosis - The evolution of a hidden epidemic

Ed Breitschwerdt

Chronic Hepatitis-What's Infection Got to Do with It?

John Cullen

Rae Hutchins

Approach to identifying infectious causes of feline diarrhea

Jody Gookin

An Expanding Problem - Cutaneous Papillomavirus Infections in Animals

Keith Linder
Small Animal - Interventional Radiology

Part 1:The Future of Veterinary Interventional Medicine

Part 2: Nasopharyngeal and Tracheal Stents

Canine and Feline Ureteral Stents

Tracy Hill
Small Animal - Neurology

Interactive cases in neurology

Beyond phenobarb and bromide.

Natasha Olby
Small Animal - Orthopedics

Orthopedics in the geriatric dog

Duncan Lascelles

Orthopedics in the puppy

Denis Marcellin-Little

Why can't I figure out this forelimb lameness?

Decision time points for hip dysplasia

Simon Roe
Small Animal - Parasitology

Heartworm update part I

Heartworm update part II: Breakthroughs, controversies and dilemmas

Clarke Atkins

So, what do we know about preventives and lack of prevention for heartworms?

Internal parasite control - a year-long endeavor

Nix the fleas and ticks

Parasitic disease risks for the modern mobile pet

Neurologic parasitism in dogs and cats

Giardia and cryptosporidium –

Dwight Bowman
Small Animal - Respiratory

Identification and treatment of respiratory emergencies I

Identification and treatment of respiratory emergencies II

Bernie Hansen
Small Animal - Surgical Oncology

Principles of surgical oncology

Splenic and liver tumors

Urogenital tumors

Primary bone tumors

Primary lung tumors

Small intestinal tumors

Robert Berg
Small Animal - Toxicology

Optimize your toxicologic diagnosis

Top 20 toxic titans: Part I

Top 20 toxic titans: Part II

Rodenticides - it’s not just about vitamin K anymore!

Topical toxins: when one tube can kill

Identifying the inner gardener in you - toxic plants

Justine Lee
Small Animal - What's New in Clinical Trials

What's new at NCSU - clinical trials and new services I

Margaret Gruen

Denis Marcellin-Little

Mike Wood

What's new at NCSU - clinical trials and new services II

Kim Chappell

Julie Nettifee-Osborne

Natasha Olby
Equine - Endocrine and metabolic diseases

Cholangiohepatitis in Horses

Teresa Buchheit

Rhodococcus equi infection: Gastrointestinal Manifestations and Management

Jen Davis

Diagnosis of Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction

Management of Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction

Diagnosis of Equine Metabolic Syndrome

Management of Equine Metabolic Syndrome

Endocrinopathic Laminitis

Equine Hyperlipemia

Nick Frank
Equine - Gastroenterology

Diagnostic Approach to Colic in Horses: Putting cases into categories

Normal Abdominal Ultrasonography of the Horse

Field Guide to Abdominal Ultrasonography in the Colicky Horse

What'e Your Diagnosis?: Interactive Session on Colic Cases- Pt1

What'e Your Diagnosis?: Interactive Session on Colic Cases- pt 2

Michelle Barton

Equine Gastric Ulcer Disease

Equine Right Dorsal Ulcerative Colitis

Sam Jones

Proliferative Enteritis

Katie Sheats
Equine - NSAIDS

Update on NSAIDS in Equine Practice

Liara Gonzalez

Alternative to NSAIDS for Pain Control in Horses

Kristen Messenger
Ruminant - Beef Cattle Herd Health

Beef Cattle Herd Health

Maximizing Beef Calf Health

Current Concepts in Livestock Parasite Control

Current Topics for Bovine Practitioners

Christine Navarre
Ruminant - Dairy Science

Evaluating outcomes of clinical mastitis treatments

Treatment of subclinical mastitis

Monitoring clinical mastitis & milk quality

Characteristics of the US Organic Dairy Industry

Perceptions of Disease by Organic Dairy Farmers

Treatments used on US Organic Dairy farms

Use of Veterinarians on Organic Dairy Farms

Pam Ruegg
Ruminant - Small Ruminant

Small Ruminant Common Diseases

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures for Small Ruminants.

Bovine Medicine Cases

Small Ruminant Medicine Cases

Christine Navarre
Animal Welfare

How to brush a Grizzley's teeth (and use operant conditioning to manage behavior) Part 1

How to brush a Grizzley's teeth (and use operant conditioning to manage behavior) Part 2

Julie Grimes

Providing enrichment opportunities for dogs in your shelter, practice, and home

Margaret Gruen

Humane and safe handling of dogs in clinical practice

Marie Hopfensperger

Managing fear responses in dogs

Barbara Sherman

Beyond the Scruff: Creative Ways to Handle Cats - Pt 1

Beyond the Scruff: Creative Ways to Handle Cats - Pt 2

Wendy Simpson

A day in the life. Enrichment for shelter cats and cats at home.

Barbara Stevens
Practice Management

Accountability – We’re all in this together!

Increasing hospital profits

Promoting services … without selling them

Managing the Veterinary Pharmacy at a time of extreme outside competition

7 Facets of better client communication

Hospital Team-based client services

Promoting practice protocols

Getting Clients to say “yes” to recommended services

Lowell Ackerman
Public Practice

NC Veterinary Response Corps: An Introduction to Assisting Animals in Disasters- Join Today!

Christina Law

Biosecurity for Animal Response and the Use of PPE. Audience Participation Workshop

Bruce Akers

Mandy Tolson

Vaccinating Against Rabies: What you need to know about the law, the vaccines, and the epidemiology?

Richard Ford

Carl Williams

Food Recalls: the Ins, Outs, and Misconceptions

Harry Wilson
Veterinary Technician - Small Animal

Ultrasound: What you need to know

Erica Fields

Venomous Snakes in North Carolina: Snake Identification and the Treatment of Envenomation in Small Animal Patients

Jonathan Fogle

Dealing with fearful animals, in the clinic and advising clients

Margaret Gruen

Fecal smears/cytology

Rebecca Gunn

Radioactive Iodine Therapy: Our Experience at NCSU

Karyn Harrell

Advanced anesthetic monitoring

Cheryl Kata

Service dogs overseas

Renee Krebs

Athletic dog injuries - Prevention and first aid

Athletic dog injuries - Management options and recovery

Denis Marcellin-Little

Bandaging/vacuum bandages, etc.

Stacey Meek

Epidurals/ring blocks/local anesthesia

Kristen Messenger

Nutrition - getting animals to eat and drink

Korinn Saker
Veterinary Technician - Large Animal

Toxic Plants

Allen Cannedy

News from the field – BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Sea Turtle response

Shane Christian


Liara Gonzalez

Disaster Preparedness

Jim Hamilton

Amnion grafts

Julie Hempstead

A New Look at the Equine Gastrointestinal Tract

Selected Small Intestinal Diseases in Horses

Selected Diseases of the Cecum and Colon in Horses

James Moore


Jay Newman

Update on Equine Infectious Diseases and Biosecurity for Veterinary Technicians

Malcolm Roberts

Day in the life of a zoo tech

Heather Scott Shaub


Katie Sheats

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