Im sure many members want something like this.
i came across this site (its a guitar greek site) has nothing to do with vet medicent
but we can use the idea for separating ebooks and videos etc.
If admin and mods agree, we could create one more option in "Main Menu" (Forum, Whats New, Donate....) that will say ebooks or something else.

and a similar page can show up looking like site. only blue and the options wont be in main manu.

please visit the site and see what i mean:

If you click Τίτλοι = Titles it will show A-Z all the titles. (ofcoarse the structure could be horizontal or vertical)
if you click Δημιουργοί = Creators it will show A-Z the Creators (Authors)

So by this way, we cover everything.
Title of the book

Please let me know what you think or if you need more details

Thank you for your time