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Thread: Recirculating Aquaculture 2nd Edition

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    Default Recirculating Aquaculture 2nd Edition

    Recirculating Aquaculture Systems 2nd Edn
    Recirculating Aquaculture has had contributions from numerous educators, commercial growers, extension specialists and researchers, who are well known in the aquaculture community; most are prominent members of the Aquacultural Engineering Society.

    • Hardcover: 948 pages
    • Publisher: --
    • Edition: 2nd edition (2010)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 0971264627
    • ISBN-13: 978-0971264625


    Dear Dr. Timmons, In fact, I had been thinking about congratulating you since about the time I started reading your wonderful book, Recirculating Aquaculture, a couple of months ago. However, something or the other always came up and delayed my resolve. Today, I have the honor of conveying to you, what I really mean and feel about your book. The one word which could sum up this extraordinary book, should be Bible of RAS . This book is NOT just an academic exercise, but it is a practical and prudent guide to the Nuts and Bolts of a Venture called Recirculating Aquaculture System. It is a vital Reference Book for all those who intend to pursue research and development of RAS as an academic exercise. However, it is a MUST read for entrepreneurs, bankers, investors, accountants and government officials- those who intend to believe in Recirculating Aquaculture Technology or simply put a 21st century answer to Sustainable Aquaculture with highest productivity. There are nineteen chapters in the book and each chapter is a benchmark in itself, especially the Rule of Thumb. The clarity of thought and experiment could not be closer!! Dr. Timmons, you have rendered a yeoman service to the entrepreneurs of RAS. I would recommend to each and everyone, who care to undertake RAS, to read chapter 17. It is about the real perspective of RAS as a new venture. This chapter will be thoroughly appreciated equally by a start up entrepreneur to a seasoned businessman. In fact, your personal experience in running a commercial operation has given you an in-depth knowledge, while sharing those without inhibitions make this book absolutely out of the ordinary and truly a Guide. The chapter nineteen deals with Aquaponics, comes as a silver lining to an all encompassing , no-nonsense, extraordinarily prudent , brilliant book on a subject that is beholden to provide answer to the critical problem of 40% shortage of animal protein requirement of over 7 billion homo sapiens by 2020. In my opinion, Recirculating Aquaculture is going to set the standards for future writers intending to write books on subjects as intense as advanced technologies. In that sense, this book is a Trend Setter. Once again, please accept my heart-felt congratulations on writing such a brilliant and full-of wisdom book. Best regards, Sincerely yours, Gangesh Kumar Varma President Global Knight Foodtech, Inc. North Babylon, NY 11704 --Mr. G.K. Varma, President, Global Knight Foodtech, North Babylon, NY

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    Recirculating Aquaculture
    2nd. Edition, 2010.
    Updated 19/01/2014

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    1st. Edition

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