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Thread: Promoting Sustainable Fisheries

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    Default Promoting Sustainable Fisheries

    Promoting Sustainable Fisheries
    by: Mary Ann PalmaMartin Tsamenyi and William Edeson

    description: ( ? )
    This book provides a comprehensive examination of the different aspects of IUU fishing and the various measures embodied in international fisheries and related instruments, and those adopted by regional fisheries management organisations and individual States to combat IUU fishing.

    Common terms and phrases:
    Bigeye Tuna by-catch CCAMLR Committee on Fisheries conservation and management eco-labelling fish fishing vessels flag IPOA-IUU LOSC NAFO Ramsar Convention RFMOs UNGA United Nations Unreported and Unregulated Vessel Monitoring System
    Promoting Sustainable Fisheries


    Table of Contents

    Series Editor’s Preface



    List of International Instruments

    List of Cases

    List of Abbreviations

    Chapter One Introduction

    1.1 Concept of IUU Fishing

    1.1.1 Extent of IUU Fishing

    1.1.2 Impacts and Causes of IUU Fishing

    1.2 Legal and Policy Framework to Address IUU Fishing

    1.2.1 The IPOA-IUU

    1.2.2 Measures to Address IUU Fishing

    1.3 Purpose and Outline of the Book

    Chapter Two History and Scope of IUU Fishing

    2.1 History of IUU Fishing Terminology

    2.1.1 UNCED and Agenda 21

    2.1.2 CCAMLR Sessions

    2.1.3 UN General Assembly

    2.1.4 FAO Sessions

    2.1.5 UN Commission on Sustainable Development

    2.1.6 IMO Sessions

    2.1.7 Sydney Experts Consultation Meeting

    2.1.8 FAO Technical Consultations

    2.1.9 Joint FAO/IMO Ad Hoc Working Group on IUU Fishing

    2.1.10 FAO Twenty-Fourth Session

    2.2 Scope of Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing

    2.2.1 Definitions of “Fishing” and “Fishing Vessel” Fishing Vessel Fishing

    2.2.2 IUU Fishing Illegal Fishing Unreported Fishing Unregulated Fishing

    Chapter Three The International Legal and Policy Framework for Sustainable Fisheries

    3.1 Introduction

    3.2 International Fisheries Specific Instruments Supporting the Implementation of the IPOA-IUU

    3.2.1 Legally Binding Instruments United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea FAO Compliance Agreement UN Fish Stocks Agreement FAO Port State Measures Agreement

    3.2.2 Non-binding Instruments UN Resolutions on Driftnet Fishing The Declaration of Cancun The Rome Consensus on World Fisheries FAO Code of Conduct IPOA-Capacity IPOA-Seabirds IPOA-Sharks UN Resolutions on Sustainable Fisheries FAO Model Scheme on Port State Measures to Combat IUU Fishing Rome Declaration on IUU Fishing FAO Guidelines

    3.3 Environment Related Instruments

    3.3.1 Ramsar Convention

    3.3.2 CITES

    3.3.3 Bonn Convention

    3.3.4 Convention on the Conservation of Biological Diversity

    3.3.5 Johannesburg Plan of Implementation

    3.4 Trade Related Agreements

    3.4.1 GATT 1994

    3.4.2 Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade

    3.4.3 Agreement on Pre-shipment Inspection

    3.4.4 Agreement on Rules of Origin

    3.4.5 Agreement on Import Licensing Procedures

    3.4.6 Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures

    3.4.7 Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures

    3.4.8 Draft WTO Rules on Fisheries Subsidies

    3.5 Maritime Safety and Labour related Agreements

    3.5.1 Torremolinos Convention and its Protocol

    3.5.2 STCW-F

    3.5.3 The 2007 Work in Fishing Convention

    3.5.4 Voluntary Codes and Guidelines

    Chapter Four All State Measures

    4.1 General Framework for All State Responsibilities

    4.2 Ratification and Implementation of International Instruments

    4.3 Adoption of National Legislation and National Plan of Action

    4.3.1 Legislative Measures

    4.3.2 National Plans of Action

    4.3.3 Regional Plans of Action

    4.4 State Control over Nationals

    4.5 Elimination of Economic Incentives

    Chapter Five Flag State Measures

    5.1 Freedom of the High Seas and Flag State Jurisdiction

    5.2 Fishing Vessel Registration

    5.3 Authorisation to Fish

    5.4 Record of Fishing Vessels

    5.5 Flag State Enforcement

    Chapter Six Coastal State Measures

    6.1 General Framework for Coastal State Measures

    6.2 Coastal State Fisheries Jurisdictional Framework

    6.2.1 Coastal State Measures to Combat IUU Fishing in Maritime Zones under Sovereignty

    6.2.2 Coastal State Measures to Combat IUU Fishing in Maritime Zones under Sovereign Rights

    6.3 Monitoring, Control and Surveillance

    6.3.1 Licensing of Fishing Vessels in the EEZ

    6.3.2 Observer Programmes

    6.3.3 Vessel Monitoring Systems

    6.3.4 Requiring Entry and Exit Reports in the EEZ

    6.4 Enforcement of Fisheries Laws and Regulations

    6.4.1 Boarding, Inspection, and Arrest of Vessels

    6.4.2 Hot Pursuit

    6.4.3 Application of Sanctions

    6.5 Cooperation with Other States

    Chapter Seven Port State Measures

    7.1 The Importance of Port States in Addressing IUU Fishing

    7.2 Application of Port State Measures

    7.3 Port State Measures to Combat IUU Fishing

    7.3.1 Advanced Notice of Port Entry

    7.3.2 Designation of Ports

    7.3.3 Inspection of Fishing Vessels

    7.3.4 Enforcement Actions Denial of Landing and Transshipment of Fish in Ports Denial of Entry into or Use of Port

    7.3.5 Cooperation with Flag States

    7.3.6 Other Port State Measures

    Chapter Eight Trade and Market Measures

    8.1 International Fish Trade and IUU Fishing Concerns

    8.2 Legal Framework for International Trade and Fisheries

    8.2.1 International Trade in Fish and Fishery Products under the WTO and FAO Maintaining Food Safety and Quality Ensuring Food Security Sustainable Development and Utilisation of Fisheries Resources Promoting International Trade Consistent with WTO Agreements

    8.2.2 The International Trade of Endangered Aquatic Species under CITES and FAO

    8.3 Internationally Agreed Market related Measures to Address IUU Fishing

    8.3.1 Traceability of Fish

    8.3.2 Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System

    8.3.3 Trade Related Measures Adopted by RFMOs

    8.3.4 Trade Restrictive Measures

    8.3.5 Other Market Measures Eco-labelling of Fish Products Market Measures by Private Companies Measures to Deter Business with IUU Fishers

    Chapter Nine RFMO Measures to Address IUU Fishing

    9.1 The Duty to Cooperate and Regional Fisheries Organisations

    9.2 The Role of Regional Fisheries Organisations in Addressing IUU Fishing

    9.3 RFMO Measures to Combat IUU Fishing

    9.3.1 Authorisations to Fish and Transshipment of Fish

    9.3.2 Record of Fishing Vessels and Vessels Authorised to Transship Fish

    9.3.3 IUU Vessel Listing Listing of Non-Member Vessels Vessels Owned or Under the Control of Owners of IUU-listed Vessels Procedure for the Listing and Deletion of Vessels on the IUU List Record of Fishing Vessels vis a vis IUU Vessel List Reciprocal Recognition of IUU Vessel Lists

    9.3.4 Other Schemes for Non-Member Vessels

    9.3.5 Regulations on Chartering of Fishing Vessels

    9.3.6 Vessel Monitoring System

    9.3.7 Observer Programme

    9.3.8 Boarding and Inspection

    9.3.9 Trade Documentation and Catch Certification

    9.3.10 Trade Restrictive Measures

    9.3.11 Port State Measures Designation of Ports Advanced Notice of Port Entry Prior Authorisation to Land or Tranship Fish Inspection of Fishing vessels Port Enforcement Actions Other Enforcement Measures Against IUU Fishing Vessels

    9.3.12 Control of Fishing Capacity

    9.4 Measures Adopted by Other Regional Fisheries Organisations

    Chapter Ten Current State Practice to Combat IUU Fishing

    10.1 U.S. Measures to Combat IUU Fishing

    10.1.1 Procedures for the Identification of States Whose Vessels Have Engaged in IUU Fishing and By-catch of Protected Living Marine Resources

    10.1.2 Alternative Procedures

    10.1.3 Effect of Certification Determination

    10.1.4 Initial Implementation of the High Seas Driftnet Fishing Moratorium Protection Act

    10.2 EU Regulation to Combat IUU Fishing

    10.2.1 Port State Control over Third Country Fishing Vessels

    10.2.2 Catch Certification

    10.2.3 IUU Vessel Listing

    10.2.4 Identification of Non-cooperating Third Countries

    10.2.5 Control of Nationals

    10.2.6 The Community Alert System

    Chapter Eleven Conclusion

    11.1 The Need for an Effective Domestic and Regional Framework

    11.2 Emerging Issues in the Global Framework to Address IUU Fishing

    11.2.1 IUU Fishing and Marine Biodiversity Conservation

    11.2.2 IUU Fishing as an International Environmental Crime and a Maritime Security Concern

    11.2.3 Flag State Responsibility and Liability




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    Default Re: Promoting Sustainable Fisheries

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