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Thread: Biostatistics for Animal Science

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    Default Biostatistics for Animal Science

    Biostatistics for Animal Science
    by Miroslav Kaps, William R. Lamberso

    Pages: 460
    Publisher: --
    Edition: 1st., 2004
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-0851998208


    Designed to cover techniques for analysis of data in the animal sciences, this book provides a complete source of information for students and researchers with a basic statistical background. The first part of the book provides an overview of the basic principles of statistics. The second half covers more complex applications and detailed procedures for analyzing designs commonly used in research in animal sciences.

    Chapter 1 Presenting and Summarizing Data
    Chapter 2 Probability
    Chapter 3 Random Variables and Their Distributions
    Chapter 4 Population and Sample
    Chapter 5 Estimation of Parameters
    Chapter 6 Hypothesis Testing
    Chapter 7 Simple Linear Regression
    Chapter 8 Correlation
    Chapter 9 Multiple Linear Regression
    Chapter 10 Curvilinear Regression
    Chapter 11 One-Way Analysis of Variance
    Chapter 12 Concepts of Experimental Design
    Chapter 13 Blocking
    Chapter 14 Change-Over Designs
    Chapter 15 Factorial Experiments
    Chapter 16 Hierarchical Or Nested Design
    Chapter 17 More About Blocking
    Chapter 18 Split-Plot Design
    Chapter 19 Analysis of Covariance
    Chapter 20 Repeated Measures
    Chapter 21 Analysis of Numerical Treatment Levels
    Appendix A: Vectors and Matrices
    Appendix B: Statistical Tables
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    Biostatistics for Animal Science

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