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Thread: Collecting and Preserving Insects and Arachnids

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    Default Re: Collecting and Preserving Insects and Arachnids

    Collecting and Preserving Insects and Arachnids
    A Manual for Entomology and Arachnology
    by I. M, Millar, SAFRINET

    Pages: 112
    Publisher: --
    Edition: 1st., 2000
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-


    A manual for entomology and arachnology. Techniques to collect, process and prepare insects and arachnids for study are presented, as well as important information on how to preserve and curate material in a reference collection.


    Preface — iii
    Acknowledgements — iv
    1. Importance of taxonomy and reference collections in
    applied research 1
    2. Introduction to zoological nomenclature 3
    3. The higher classification of insects and arachnids 5
    3.1 Insects 5
    3.2 Arachnids 25
    4. Collecting methods 34
    4.1 Collecting bag 34
    4.2 Aspirators 35
    4.3 Hand collecting 36
    4.4 Collecting nets 37
    4.5 Beating sheets 40
    4.6 Knock-down sprays 40
    4.7 Extractors 41
    4.8 Baits and refuges 43
    4.9 Traps 44
    4.10 Rearing 51
    4.11 Preferred methods of collecting insects and arachnids 53
    5. Killing and temporary storage 56
    5.1 Killing methods 56
    5.2 Temporary storage 60
    5.3 Recording field data 61
    6. Preservation 63
    6.1 Dry preservation 63
    6.2 Wet preservation 74
    6.3 Slide mounting 75
    6.4 Preferred methods of preserving of insects and arachnids 77
    7. Labelling, accessioning and dispatching 80
    8. Permanent storage and curation 90
    8.1 Types of collections 90
    8.2 Curating a collection 94
    9. Collector’s code of practice 98
    Glossary 100
    Index 102

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