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Thread: Methane and Climate Change

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    Default Methane and Climate Change

    Methane and Climate Change
    by Dave Reay, Pete Smith, Andre van Amstel

    • Publisher: --
    • Pages: 261
    • Edition: 2010
    • ISBN-10 / ASIN: 184407823X
    • ISBN-13 / EAN: 978-1844078233


    Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas and is estimated to be responsible for approximately one-fifth of man-made global warming. Per kilogram, it is 25 times more powerful than carbon dioxide over a 100-year time horizon. Indeed global warming is likely to enhance methane release from a number of sources. Current natural and man-made sources include many where methane-producing micro-organisms can thrive in anaerobic conditions, particularly ruminant livestock, rice cultivation, landfill, wastewater, wetlands and marine sediments. Despite the importance of methane, previous books on climate change have tended to neglect the topic, instead focusing on carbon dioxide. This timely and authoritative book provides the only comprehensive and balanced overview of our current knowledge of sources of methane and how these might be controlled to limit future climate change. It is shown how numerous point sources of methane have the potential to be more easily addressed than sources of carbon dioxide and therefore contribute significantly to the climate change mitigation in the 21st century.
    1 Methane Sources and the Global Methane Budget Dave Reay Pete Smith André van Amstel 1
    2 The Microbiology of Methanogenesis Alfons J. M. Stams Caroline M. Plugge 14
    3 Wetlands Torben R. Christensen 27
    4 Geological Methane Giuseppe Etiope 42
    5 Termites David E. Bignell 62
    6 Vegetation Andy McLeod Frank Keppler 74
    7 Biomass Burning Joel S. Levine 97
    8 Rice Cultivation Franz Conen Keith A. Smith Kazuyuki Yagi 115
    9 Ruminants Francis M. Kelliher Harry Clark 136
    10 Wastewater and Manure Miriam H. A. van Eekert Hendrik Jan van Dooren Marjo Lexmond Grietje Zeeman 151
    11 Landfills Jean E. Bogner Kurt Spokas 175
    12 Fossil Energy and Ventilation Air Methane Richard Mattus Åke Källstrand 201
    13 Options for Methane Control André van Amstel 211
    14 Summary André van Amstel Dave Reay Pete Smith 242
    Contributors 247
    Acronyms and abbreviations 250
    Index 253

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    Default Re: Methane and Climate Change

    Methane and Climate Change

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