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Thread: Serological Diagnosis of Certain Human, Animal and Plant Diseases

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    Default Serological Diagnosis of Certain Human, Animal and Plant Diseases

    Serological Diagnosis of Certain Human, Animal and Plant Diseases

    Edited by Moslih Al-Moslih

    Pages: 170

    Publisher: InTech
    Edition: 2012
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-9535103707
    Format: PDF
    Size: 5 MB


    This book explains the concept of serological methods used in laboratory diagnoses of certain bacteria, mycoplasmas, viruses in humans, animals and plants, certain parasitic agents as well as autoimmune disease. The authors present up-to-date information concerning the serological methods in laboratory diagnosis of such infectious diseases. Section one deals with the serological methods for bacteria. Section 2 deals with serological methods in human, animal and plant viruses. Section 3 is concerned with the serological laboratory diagnosis of echinococcus and human toxocariasis agents. The last section deals with serological laboratory methods in the diagnosis of coeliac disease.


    Preface IX
    Part 1 Serological Diagnosis of Bacterial Diseases 1

    Chapter 1 Helicobacter pylori Infection and Undiagnosed Dyspepsia in Dyspeptic Populations Under 45 of Age Tested by ELISA, Urease Breath Test and Helicotest 3
    Chapter 2 Comparison of Detection Methods for Mycoplasmas of Significance to the Poultry Industry 19

    Part 2 Serological Diagnosis of Viral Diseases 27

    Chapter 3 Diagnostic Methods of Viral Exanthemas in Children 29
    Chapter 4 Serodiagnosis of Peste des Petits Ruminants Virus 37
    Chapter 5 Some Selected Serological Diagnostic Techniques in Plant Virology 59
    Chapter 6 Serology Applied to Plant Virology 71

    Part 3 Serological Diagnosis of Parasitological Diseases 95

    Chapter 7 Immunodiagnosis of Human Toxocariasis 97
    Chapter 8 Recent Advances in the Immunology and Serological Diagnosis of Echinococcosis 113

    Part 4 Serological Diagnosis of Autoimmune Disease 151

    Chapter 9 Specific Coeliac Disease Antibodies and Microenteropathy 153

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