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Thread: Guidelines for Posting OR Requesting Books or any Resource

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    Thumbs up Guidelines for Posting OR Requesting Books or any Resource

    Guidelines for Posting or Requesting Books or Any Resource

    To All Members,
    Read Careful and Apply.

    There's a Template we all must follow to post or request any resource or book in our forum.
    Basicly, is give the appropiate information about the book to share/get, in order, every member gets to know what it is about. This way all posts will be same-like confering to our forum an organized look and composition.
    The official language for this forum is English, even if your resource is in other language, therefore your post must be in English.


    TITLE introduce the name of the book or resource and only it, unless is too short like " Biology ", then we just add version or edition to a better identification. This help the system to generate a more accurate similar threads list.

    By AUTHOR(s)

    we require that you upload the image to an image host, like imageshack for instance.
    Then you just insert it on your post with the Insert Image Icon of your editor dialog box.

    Please OMIT or LEAVE OUT from this moment on, until next update.
    EDITION adding year of published, as well.
    If the resource belongs to a series like, The Practical Veterinarian, you must specify it here.
    DESCRIPTION Be brief about it. (Not necessary for Requests)

    SOURCE give to us the ID of those you are using(HF, MF, DF, etc). And the most important of these:
    ID 's and the Sources must be all inside the tag [HIDE] for all sections and sub-forums,
    using the LOCK icon on your editor.

    RE-DIRECT LINK If this is a Request and the Book is available online, then the Requestor has to show exactly where!
    FORMAT If it's PDF, Djvu, EPUB, etc. You could specify certain qualities as well, like bookmarked, OCR, HQ, etc.
    Inside [HIDE] tag.
    Inside [HIDE] tag.
    TOC If available ( for requests )

    And that's all!

    Here you are some examples: 1 , 2 , 3 , I'm sure you've got it,

    Notice there's a chance to add a re-direct to another version, edition or resource like a companion CD.
    The main task is to provide all informations which make the technical posting being professional and most informative for all users!

    We are not subscribers to any other forum or blog, so sources must be originally provided by the poster, and not a re-direct to another forum/blog.

    Thanks for your cooperation on this matter.

    Any question via PM, please.

    This all will be strongly requested!

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