"The Big Picture: Gross Anatomy" by David A. Morton, Kurt H. Albertine, K. Bo Foreman

McGraw-Hill Medical | 2011 | ISBN: 0071785345 0071476725 9780071476720 9780071785341 | 513 pages | PDF | 10 MB

The purpose of this textbook is to provide students with the necessary landmarks to accomplish their task—to understand the big picture of human anatomy in the context of health care, bypassing the minutia. The landmarks used to accomplish this task are text and illustrations. They are complete, yet concise and both figuratively and literally provide the “Big Picture” of human anatomy.

The format of the book is simple. Each page-spread consists of text on the left-hand page and associated illustrations on the right-hand page. In this way, students are able to grasp the big picture of individual anatomy principles in bite-sized pieces, a concept at a time.

• Approximately 450 full-color figures illustrate the essential anatomy.
• High-yield clinically relevant concepts throughout the text are indicated by an icon.
• Study questions and answers follow each section.
• A final examination is provided at the end of the text.

Brief Contents
About the Authors
Section 1: Back
1: Back
Section 2: Thorax
2: Anterior Thoracic Wall
3: Lungs
4: Heart
5: Superior and Posterior Mediastina
Section 3: Abdomen, Pelvis, and Perineum
6: Overview of the Abdomen, Pelvis, and Perineum
7: Anterior Abdominal Wall
8: Serous Membranes of the Abdominal Cavity
9: Foregut
10: Midgut and Hindgut
11: Posterior Abdominal Wall.
12: Pelvis and Perineum
13: Male Reproductive System
14: Female Reproductive System
Section 4: Head
15 Scalp, Skull, and Meninges
16 Brain
17 Cranial Nerves
18 Orbit
19 Ear
20 Superficial Face
21 Infratemporal Fossa
22 Pterygopalatine Fossa
23 Nasal Cavity
24 Oral Cavity
Section 5: Neck
25 Overview of the Neck
26 Triangles and Root of the Neck
27 Pharynx
28 Larynx
Section 6: Upper Limb
29 Overview of the Upper Limb
30 Shoulder and Axilla
31 Arm
32 Forearm
33 Hand
Section 7: Lower Limb
34: Overview of the Lower Limb
35: Gluteal Region and Hip
36: Thigh
37: Leg
38: Foot
Section 8: Final Examination
39: Study Questions and Answers

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