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Thread: The Science and Applications of Synthetic and Systems Biology

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    Thumbs up The Science and Applications of Synthetic and Systems Biology

    The Science and Applications of Synthetic and Systems Biology
    by Eileen Choffness, David Rellman and Leslie Pray

    Pages: 571
    Publisher: NAS Press
    Edition: 2011
    Language: English
    ISBN: 9780309219396
    Format: PDF
    Size: 32 MB


    This issue explores the current state of the science of synthetic biology, including its dependency on systems biology; discussed the different approaches that scientists are taking to engineer, or reengineer, biological systems; and discussed how the tools and approaches of synthetic and systems biology were being applied to mitigate the risks associated with emerging infectious diseases.

    Participants discussed how these advanced technologies have the potential to improve understanding of infectious microbes and the mechanisms by which they cause disease; the applications of these tools and approaches for disease detection and diagnostic platforms; and the development of new therapeutics, vaccines, and other infectious disease intervention technologies.

    Workshop Overview
    Workshop Overview References
    A Contributed Manuscripts
    A1 Commercial Applications of Synthetic Biology
    A2 Synthetic Biology: Applications Come of Age
    A3 The Genome as the Unit of Engineering
    A4 Synthetic Biology—A New Generation of Biofilm Biosensors
    A5 Synthetic Biology and the Art of Biosensor Design
    A6 Systems Analysis of Adaptive Immunity by Utilization of High-Throughput Technologies
    A7 The New Science of Sociomicrobiology and the Realm of Synthetic and Systems Ecology
    A8 Creation of a Bacterial Cell Controlled by a Chemically Synthesized Genome
    A9 Synthetic Biology “From Scratch"
    A10 Manufacturing Molecules Through Metabolic Engineering
    A11 Novel Approaches to Combat Biofilm Drug Tolerance
    A12 Next-Generation Synthetic Gene Networks
    A13 Engineering Scalable Biological Systems
    A14 Metabolic Systems Biology
    A15 Systems Vaccinology
    A16 Solving Vaccine Mysteries: A Systems Biology Perspective
    A17 Systems Biology of Vaccination for Seasonal Influenza in Humans
    A18 Synthetic Systems as Microbial Threats: Predictability of Loss-of-Function Mutations in Engineered Systems
    A19 Isoprenoid Pathway Optimization for Taxol Precursor Overproduction in Escherichia coli
    A20 Programming Cells: Towards an Automated ‘Genetic Compiler'
    A21 Prokaryotic Gene Clusters: A Rich Toolbox for Synthetic Biology
    A22 The Silicon Trypanosome
    B Agenda
    C Acronyms
    D Glossary
    E Forum Member Biographies
    F Speaker Biographies

    Source: - MediaFire

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