"Neuroimaging - Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience" ed. by Peter Bright

InTeO | 2012 | ISBN: 535106067 9789535106067 | 476 pages | PDF | 20 MB

The experimental study design is set up within a clearly defined theoretical framework, any inferences that are drawn are unlikely to be accepted as anything other than speculative. A more fundamental issue is whether neuroimaging data alone can address how cognitive functions operate (far more interesting to the cognitive scientist than establishing the neuroanatomical coordinates of a given function - the where question).

1 Cytoarchitectonics of the Human Cerebral Cortex: The 1926 Presentation by Georg N. Koskinas (1885-1975) to the Athens Medical Society
2 Images of the Cognitive Brain Across Age and Culture
3 Neuroimaging of Single Cases: Benefits and Pitfalls
4 Functional and Structural Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Human Language: A Review
5 Neuro-Anatomical Overlap Between Language and Memory Functions in the Human Brain
6 Neuronal Networks Observed with Resting State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Clinical Populations
7 Resting State Blood Flow and Glucose Metabolism in Psychiatric Disorders
8 The Memory, Cognitive and PsychologicalFunctions of Sleep: Update from Electroencephalographic and Neuroimaging Studies
9 Neuroimaging and Outcome Assessment in Vegetative and Minimally Conscious State
10 Functional and Structural MRI Studies on Impulsiveness: Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorders
11 MRI Techniques to Evaluate Exercise Impact on the Aging Human Brain
12 Human Oscillatory EEG Activities Representing Working Memory Capacity
13 Neuroimaoino Data in Bipolar Disorder: An Updated View
14 Reinforcement Learning, High-Level Cognition, and the Human Brain
15 What Does Cerebral Oxygenation Tell Us About Central Motor Output?
16 Intermanual and Intermodal Transfer in Human Newborns: Neonatal Behavioral Evidence and Neurocognitive Approach
17 Somatosensory Stimulation in Functional Neuroimaging: A Review
18 Neuroimaging Studies in Carbon Monoxide Intoxication
19 Graphical Models of Functional MRI Data for Assessing Brain Connectivity
20 Event-Related Potential Studies of Cognitive and Social Neuroscience
21 Neuroimaging Outcomes of Brain Training Trials
22 EEG-Biofeedback as a Tool to Modulate Arousal: Trends and Perspectives for Treatment of ADHD and Insomnia
23 Deconstructing Central Pain with Psychophysical and Neuroimaging Studies

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