Animal Kind What We Owe to Animals
by Jean Kazez

Pages: 216
Publisher: -
Edition: 2010
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1405199384
Format: PDF
Size: 1 MB


What’s the right way to look at animals? Is a pig a friend, like Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web? Or is he simply pork? This confusion about animals isn’t new; most cultures show discernable respect for the animals they eat, along with unease about killing them. Kazez (The Weight of Things, 2007) examines this moral dichotomy in the new entry in ’s Public Philosophy series. In examining the human-animal divide in indigenous myth and in philosophers’ thoughts, and by trolling the work of psychologists and ethologists, Kazez brings the reader to a central question: are humans and animals on two different moral planes? In well-written prose, the author navigates the minefields of different philosophers’ takes on the value of animals and of whether or not people and animals are of equal value. What difference does it make to save one individual animal or for one person to decided to follow a vegetarian lifestyle? With a well-annotated bibliography, this is an excellent place to begin a trek through the thorny issue of animal rights.

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