Book Detail:

Publisher: Himalaya Publishing House;
Publish year:January 2009
Pages: 509 pages;
ISBN 9789350440049

The insightful compilation offers comprehensive account of the fundamental principles of embryology. It not only introduces reproductive physiology, sexual interactions, and environmental responses, but also provides the physiological and endocinological background. All important points are illustrated diagrammatically. The title is not intended to be comprehensive nor could it be at length, but if concentration as puttingacross the basic principles of the subject as briefly and deucedly as possible. IT does this with the aid of careful selected examples-some recent and other classics of the field. In order to create a book which is written within the economy as well as the physical grasp of the student only the main essentials of each topic have been presented. This book in fact serves a dual function: certain well be of interest of bio-chemistry, nursing and paramedical students, it will also be consulted as a reference by teachers.

This book integrated 29 chapters and many of them are chiefly emphasized. These include: fertilization, types of cleavage, gastrulation, metamorphosis, induction foetal membranes, placentation, virgin reproduction, sex and procreation, differentiation, nucleocytoplasmic interaction and development of chordated from balanoglossus to mammals.

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