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Thread: 's Tropical Diseases: Expert Consult Basic

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    Thumbs up 's Tropical Diseases: Expert Consult Basic

    's Tropical Diseases: Expert Consult Basic
    by Gordon Cook and Alimudin Zumla

    Publisher: --
    Edition: 22th., 2008.
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-1416044703


    From the difficult to diagnose to the difficult to treat, be prepared for whatever your patients bring back. The revised and updated 22nd edition of 's Tropical Diseases provides you with the latest coverage on emerging and re-emerging diseases from around the world, such as multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis and malaria, the avian flu, and more. Boxes and tables highlight key information on current therapies. And now, as an Expert Consult title, you can access the information you need online as well as in print!

    • Covers every aspect of Tropical Medicine in detail, not just infections.
    • Takes both a system-based and a disease approach, with extensive cross-referencing to minimize duplication.
    • Includes a strong clinical focus, emphasized by clinical management diagrams.
    • Features leading experts in the field, with contributions from clinicians who are based full-time in the tropics.

    • Features up-to-date information on HIV/AIDS, with an emphasis on Africa; malaria; tropical gastroenterological problems; dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever; tuberculosis; Sexually Transmitted Diseases; SARS; avian flu; bartonellosis, cat-scratch disease, trench fever, human erlichiosis; and more.
    • Describes the latest therapies, such as recently approved drugs and new treatment options, so you can incorporate them into to your practice.
    • Presents global perspectives from the world's leaders in this specialty to put the latest expert knowledge to work for you and your patients.
    • Highlights key information with more boxes and tables so you can find what you need easily and apply it quickly.
    • Allows you to access the complete contents online, plus appendices on Laboratory Diagnosis, Parasitic Protozoa, Medical Helminthology, Nematodes, Trematodes, Cestodes, Medical Acarology and Entomology, and Sources of Information in Tropical Medicine.

    Updated 15/12/2013

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