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    Default Biomarker

    Edited by Tapan Kumar Khan

    Pages: 392 pages
    Publisher: InTech
    Edittion: April 27, 2012
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-953-51-0577-0
    Format: .PDF
    Size: 15.83 MB (zipped)
    DOI: 10.5772/2376

    Clinicians, scientists, and health care professionals use biomarkers or biological markers as a measure of a person’s present health condition or response to interventions. An ideal -biomarker should have the following criteria: (I) ability to detect fundamental features of the disease, (II) ability to differentiate from other closely related diseases, (III) ability to detect early stages and stages of progression, (IV) the method should be highly reliable, easy to perform and inexpensive, and (V) sample sources should be easily accessible from body. Most of the chapters in this book follow the basic principle of biomarkers.

    Table Of Contents:

    • Chapter 1 MicroRNAs are Novel Biomarkers for Detection of Colorectal Cancer by Muhammad Imran Aslam, Maleene Patel, Baljit Singh, John Stuart Jameson and James Howard Pringle
    • Chapter 2 The Discovery of Cancer Tissue Specific Proteins in Serum: Case Studies on Prostate Cancer by Spiros D. Garbis and Paul A. Townsend
    • Chapter 3 Using miRNA as Biomarkers to Evaluate the Alcohol-Induced Oxidative Stress by Yueming Tang, Christopher B. Forsyth and Ali Keshavarzian
    • Chapter 4 Computer Simulation Model System for Interpretation and Validation of Algorithms for Monitoring of Cancer Patients by Use of Serial Serum Concentrations of Biomarkers in the Follow-Up After Surgical Procedures and Other Treatments - A Computer Simulation by Flemming Lund, György Sölétormos, Merete Frejstrup Pedersen and Per Hyltoft Petersen
    • Chapter 5 Novel Tissue Types for the Development of Genomic Biomarkers by Zinaida Sergueeva, Heather Collins, Sally Dow, Mollie McWhorter and Mark L. Parrish
    • Chapter 6 Salivary Hormones, Immunes and Other Secretory Substances as Possible Stress Biomarkerby Shusaku Nomura
    • Chapter 7 Profiling of Endogenous Peptides by Multidimensional Liquid Chromatography by Egle Machtejeviene and Egidijus Machtejevas
    • Chapter 8 8-Nitroguanine, a Potential Biomarker to Evaluate the Risk of Inflammation-Related Carcinogenesis by Ning Ma, Mariko Murata, Shiho Ohnishi, Raynoo Thanan, Yusuke Hiraku and Shosuke Kawanishi
    • Chapter 9 A Comparison of Biomarker and Fingerprint-Based Classifiers of Disease by Brian T. Luke and Jack R. Collins
    • Chapter 10 Biomarkers and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in Psychiatry by R. Lozano, R. Marin, A. Pascual, MJ. Santacruz, A. Lozano and F. Sebastian
    • Chapter 11 Genotoxicity Biomarkers: Application in Histopathology Laboratoriesby Carina Ladeira, Susana Viegas, Elisabete Carolino, Manuel Carmo Gomes and Miguel Brito
    • Chapter 12 Potential Muscle Biomarkers of Chronic Myalgia in Humans - A Systematic Review of Microdialysis Studiesby Björn Gerdle and Britt Larsson
    • Chapter 13 Urinary Water-Soluble Vitamins as Nutritional Biomarker to Estimate Their Intakes by Tsutomu Fukuwatari and Katsumi Shibata
    • Chapter 14 Inorganic Signatures of Physiology: The X-Ray Fluorescence Microscopy Revolution by Lydia Finney
    • Chapter 15 Biomarkers in Gastrointestinal Cancer: Focus on Colon, Pancreatic and Gastric Cancer by Vanessa Deschoolmeester, Filip Lardon, Patrick Pauwels and Marc Peeters
    • Chapter 16 Epigenetics in Cancer: The Myelodysplastic Syndrome as a Model to Study Epigenetic Alterations as Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarkers by Teresa de Souza Fernandez, André Mencalha and Cecília de Souza Fernandez
    • Chapter 17 Serum Peptidomics by Kaihua Wei, Qingwei Ma, Yunbo Sun, Xiaoming Zhou, Weirong Guo and Jian Yuan

    Link: Intech

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