Marine Insects
by Lanna Cheng

Pages: 584
Publisher: North-Holland Pub.
Edition: 1976
Language: English
ISBN: 07204 05815
Format: PDF
Size: 8 MB


In a book of this kind, it would be difficult to achieve a uniform treatment for each of the groups of
insects discussed. The contents of each chapter generally reflect the special interests of the contributors.
Some have presented a detailed taxonomic review of the families concerned; some have referred the readers
to standard taxonomic works, in view of the breadth and complexity of the subject concerned, and have
concentrated on ecological or physiological aspects; others have chosen to review insects of a specific set of
habitats. Nevertheless, each has presented a general picture of the group of insects under discussion, their
nature, ecology, life histories, special adaptations to marine environments, and a comprehensive review of the


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