Scientific American Biology for a Changing World

ISBN-10: 0-7167-7324-4
ISBN-13: 978-0-7167-7324-5


  • Michele Shuster
  • Janet Vigna
  • Gunjan Sinha
  • Matthew Tontonoz

captivates students with real-world stories exploring the science concepts in context. Written by a team of two full-time college biology instructors and two science writers, with extensive input from non-majors instructors across the country, this book was developed to meet the different learning styles of the 21st century student.


Biology for a Changing World at a Glance
Media and Supplements
UNIT 1: What Is Life Made of? Chemistry, Cells, Energy
1. Process of Science : Java Report
2. Chemistry and Molecules of Life : What Is Life?
3. Cell Function and Structure : Wonder Drug
4. Nutrition, Metabolism, Enzymes : Powerfoods
5. Energy Flow and Photosynthesis : Mighty Microbes
6. Dietary Energy and Cellular Respiration : Supersize Me?
UNIT 2: How Does Life Perpetuate? Cell Division and Inheritance
7. DNA Structure and Replication : Biologically Unique
Milestones in Biology The Model Makers : Watson, Crick, and the structure of DNA
8. Genes to Proteins : Medicine from Milk
Milestones in Biology Sequence Sprint : Collins and Venter race to decode the human genome
9. Cell Division and Mitosis : Paramedic Plants
10. Genetic Mutations and Cancer : Fighting Fate
11. Single-Gene Inheritance and Meiosis : Rock for a Cause
Milestones in Biology Mendelís Garden : An Austrian priest lays the foundation for modern genetics
12. Complex Inheritance : Q&A: Genetics
13. Stem Cells and Cell Differentiation : Grow Your Own
UNIT 3: How Does Life Change over Time? : Evolution and Diversity
14. Natural Selection and Adaptation : Bugs That Resist Drugs
Milestones in Biology Adventures in Evolution : Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace on the trail of natural selection
15. Nonadaptive Evolution and Speciation : Evolution in the Fast Lane
16. Evidence for Evolution : A Fish with Fingers?
17. Life on Earth : Q&A: Evolution
18. Prokaryotic Diversity : Lost City
19. Eukaryotic Diversity : Rain Forest Riches
20. Human Evolution : What Is Race?
UNIT 4: What Makes Up Our Environment? : Ecology
21. Population Ecology : On the Tracks of Wolves and Moose
22. Community Ecology : Whatís Happening to Honey Bees?
23. Ecosystem Ecology : The Heat Is On
24. Sustainability : Eco-Metropolis
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