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Thread: Encyclopedia of Amazon Parrots

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    Default Encyclopedia of Amazon Parrots

    Amazons are one of the groups of parrots most appreciated by pet lovers and bird breeders. They are easy to tame and train; they can be bred; and they are one of the least expensive groups of the larger parrots. The authors have written this book from first hand experience, and each bird is surveyed from its life and capture in the wild, through importation, quarantine, and acclimation, to the requirements for keeping it as a pet and breeding it in captivity. In a systematic treatment, each species or subspecies is discussed, with a range map for each and a supplemental gallery of photographs. The photos are remarkable and comprehensive, and makes identification of each subspecies simple and accurate. Instances of captive breeding are followed by assessments of the characteristics of each particular subspecies.

    Number of page: 208 pages
    Publisher: TFH Publications (October 25, 1984)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 0876668716
    ISBN-13: 978-0876668719

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