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Thread: Housetraining Your Dog--A Definitive Guide

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    Default Housetraining Your Dog--A Definitive Guide

    By Ruff Sitwell

    Product Details

    Copyright:The Dog Training Institute (Standard Copyright License)
    Edition:First Edition
    Publisher:The Dog Training Institute
    Published:April 12, 2007
    File Format:PDF

    If your unpredictable Dog is driving you nuts by pooping and peeing all over your house or by eliminating on your carpet and walls when you are not around, get a copy of "Housetraining Your Dog - A Definitive Guide".

    This ebook covers A-Z on potty training for puppies, adult dogs and older dogs. It outlines the potty training schedules for dogs of all ages, the different potty training methods (Paper Training, LitterBox Training, Outdoor Training) and also deals witht Crate Training. It gives solutions to the various Behavioral and Health problems that cause Potty Training Accidents.
    It has loads of housetraining tips on different dog breeds – small dogs, toy dogs and even bigger dogs... It caters to different housetraining problems faced with different dog groups - Sight Hounds, Scent Hounds, Retrievers, Terriers, Pointers and Toy Dogs. It provides an insight into Housebreaking problems faced by as many as 59 individual dog breeds. Go Ahead and get it, you will be happy you did

    Table of Contents

    Welcome to Dog Ownership!________________________________________ ____3
    Basic Housetraining Methods___________________________________________ _3
    Crate Training__________________________________________ _____________4
    Paper Training__________________________________________ _____________4
    Litter Box Training__________________________________________ __________5
    Puppy & Adult Dog Schedules_________________________________________ __5
    Schedule for Puppies___________________________________________ _____5
    Schedule for Adult Dogs _____________________________________________6
    Behavioral Problems__________________________________________ _________6
    Submissive Urination_________________________________________ _________6
    Excitement Urination_________________________________________ _________6
    Marking___________________________________________ _________________6
    Separation Anxiety___________________________________________ _________7
    Health Related Problems__________________________________________ ______7
    Congenital Problems__________________________________________ ________7
    Diseases & Medical Problems__________________________________________ _8
    Medication Related Problems__________________________________________ _8
    Old-Age Problems __________________________________________________ __8
    Dog Group Specific Issues____________________________________________ __9
    Scent Hounds____________________________________________ ____________9
    Sight Hounds____________________________________________ ____________9
    Pointers & Setters___________________________________________ _________9
    Retrievers________________________________________ __________________10
    Late Maturers__________________________________________ ___________10
    Toy Breeds____________________________________________ _____________10
    What You Need To Do To Fully Potty Train Your Dog!_______________________11
    Housetraining Your Dog – A Definitive Guide______________________________12

    Hidden contents (Our Amazon affiliate links)
    You must click 'Thank You' before you can see the data contained here. You can purchase this item from Amazon with discount through our amazon affiliate link.
    BUT You DONOT have sufficient rights to see the hidden data contained here.
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