Aquatic Chemistry
by Werner Stumm and James J. Morgan

Publisher: Wiley-Interscience
ISBN: 0471511854
Pages: 1040

Aquatic Chemistry remains the classic resource on the essential concepts of natural water chemistry. Designed for both self-study and classroom use, this book builds a solid foundation in the general principles of natural water chemistry and then proceeds to a thorough treatment of more advanced topics. Key principles are illustrated with a wide range of quantitative models, examples, and problem-solving methods.

Major subjects covered include:
* Chemical Thermodynamics
* Solid-Solution Interface and Kinetics
* Trace Metals
* Acids and Bases
* Kinetics of Redox Processes
* Dissolved Carbon Dioxide
* Photochemical Processes
* Atmosphere-Water Interactions
* Kinetics at the Solid-Water
* Metal Ions in Aqueous Solution Interface
* Precipitation and Dissolution
* Particle-Particle Interaction
* Oxidation and Reduction
* Regulation of the Chemical
* Equilibria and Microbial Mediation Composition of Natural Waters

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