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Thread: Histopathology Specimens

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    Smile Histopathology Specimens

    Histopathology Specimens
    Clinical, Pathological and Laboratory Aspects

    By Derek C. Allen and R. Iain Cameron

    Pages: 143
    Language: English

    Histopathology specimens are a vital cornerstone in patient care. They not only establish a tissue
    diagnosis but are crucial in clinical management decisions and provide important prognostic
    data. They are nodal events in a patient’s illness, shaping the choice of relevant medical and
    surgical therapies and determining follow-up routines. The data they provide are used to assess
    the efficiency of current and new treatment regimes and to monitor the impact of population
    screening programmes. Clinical governance has recognised their key role in auditing not only
    individual clinicians but the patterns and quality of overall health care provision. Biomedical
    research with advances in investigations and therapy would flounder without them. They are
    therefore a precious resource to be handled with great care by sufficient numbers of appropriately
    trained and experienced personnel. The data generated are of a confidential nature privy to
    the patient, consultant clinician or general practitioner and the reporting pathologist. This information
    may be shared as appropriate with other directly involved health care professionals, e.g.,
    in the context of multidisciplinary team meetings, but laboratory practice (e.g., telephoned results,
    report authorisation) must be geared to protect patient confidentiality at all times. The patient
    not only has a right to see and have explained the information in his/her specimen but must
    undergo a process of informed consent prior to the clinical procedure. Thus the nature, purpose,
    extent and side effects of the procedure are explained in understandable terms. This process
    extends to the laboratory as contemporary surgical consent forms require to seek from the patient
    permission for disposal and use of the tissue not only for diagnosis but also educative, audit
    and research purposes. Additionally, research projects should be verified by an appropriate
    research ethics committee. Patient denial of any of these uses must then be communicated to the
    laboratory and incorporated into the handling and disposal procedures. The histopathology
    specimen report forms a permanent part of the patient’s medical record and as such may be used
    as medico-legal evidence in negligence and compensation cases. These various factors serve to
    emphasise the importance of the care that should be taken with these specimens by histopathology
    laboratory personnel.

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    Default Re: Histopathology Specimens

    Histopathology Specimens
    Clinical, Pathological and Laboratory Aspects

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