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Thread: Water Stress

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    Default Water Stress


    Pages: 312
    Publisher: InTech
    Edition: 2012
    Language :English
    ISBN 978-953-307-963-9

    Introductory Water Stress in Plants

    Chapter 1 Plant Water-Stress Response Mechanisms
    Chapter 2 Physiological and Biochemical Responses
    Chapter 3 Controlled Water Stress to Improve
    Chapter 4 Water Stress and Afforestation
    Chapter 5 Systemic Signaling Under Water Deficit Condition and Its Exploitation in Water Saving Agriculture
    Chapter 6 The "Pot-in-Pot" System Enhances the Water
    Stress Tolerance Compared with Above-Ground Pot
    Chapter 7 Towards a New Ecophysiological Approach to Understand Citrus Crop Yield Under Abiotic Stresses Mirroring in the Brazilian Savanna Genetic Resources
    Chapter 8 Antioxidant Enzyme Activities as a Tool to Discriminate Ecotypes of Crithmum maritimum
    Chapter 9 Use of Finite Element Method to Determine the Influence of Land Vehicles Traffic on Artificial Soil Compaction
    Chapter 10 The Influence of Water Stress on Yield and Related Characteristics in Inbred Quality Protein Maize Lines and Their Hybrid Progeny
    Chapter 11 Application of Molecular Breeding for Development of the Drought-Tolerant Genotypes in Wheat
    Chapter 12 Integrated Agronomic Crop Managements to Improve Tef Productivity Under Terminal Drought
    Chapter 13 Sugarcane Responses at Water Deficit Conditions
    Chapter 14 Strategies for Selecting Drought Tolerant Germplasm in Forage Legume Species


    This Book will be a useful document for students, professionals, and researchers working on the water stress in plants.Plants experience water stress either when the water supply to their roots becomes limiting, or when the transpiration rate becomes intense. Water stress is primarily caused by a water deficit, such as a drought or high soil salinity. Each year, water stress on arable plants in different parts of the world disrupts agriculture and food supply with the final consequence: famine. Hence, the ability to withstand such stress is of immense economic importance. Plants try to adapt to the stress conditions with an array of biochemical and physiological interventions.

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