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Thread: Happy about Animals An 8 Year Old's View on Sharing the Earth

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    Happy about Animals
    An 8 Year Old's View on Sharing the Earth

    by Duncan Levy

    Pages: 54
    Publisher: Happy About
    Edition: 2007
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-1600050190


    This is a book written by a kid for kids. Duncan Levy chose 20 land animals and 11 sea animals to research and share his opinion. It contains facts that are fun to learn delivered through type of wit you would expect from a bright 8-year old.

    Animals on land Duncan discusses include: albatross, baboon, bobcat, cheetah, eagle, flamingo, gorilla, hyena, leopard, lion, moose, parrot, penguin, porcupine, red fox, seal tiger, walrus, wolf, and the polar bear. Animals in the sea include: boxfix, dolphins, eel, schools of fish, jellyfish, hammerhead, humback whales, killer whales, rays, salmon, sharks, and stonefish. Read the intro paragraph from "Animals on Land" to get a feel for Duncan's writing style. "Animals on land are fun to look at and can be fun to pet, particularly domestic animals. I love my grandparent’s cats. However, many of the animals in this book are wild animals, which can only be looked at. Petting them will result in losing fingers or an arm or worse. Yikes!"

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