Manual on Hatchery Production of Seabass and Gilthead Seabream
Volume 2
Alessandro Moretti, Mario Pedini Fernandez-Criado and RenÚ Vetillart

Language: English
ISBN 92-5-105304-9

Seabass and gilthead seabream are the two marine fish species which have characterized the development of marine aquaculture in the Mediterranean basin over the last three decades. The substantial increase in production levels of these two species, initially of very high value, has been possible thanks to the progressive improvement of the technologies involved in the production of fry in hatcheries. As a result of this technological progress, more than one hundred hatcheries have been built in the Mediterranean basin, working on these and other similar species. At present the farmed production of these two species derived from hatchery produced fry is far greater than the supply coming from capture fisheries.

The development of these techniques, based originally on Japanese hatchery techniques, has followed its own evolution and has resulted in what could be called a Mediterranean hatchery technology that is still evolving to provide higher quality animals and to reduce the costs of production. This is a dynamic sector but it has reached a level of maturity which merits the production of a manual for hatchery personnel that could be of interest in other parts of the world. The preparation of the manual has taken several years, and due to recent developments has led to substantial revisions of sections. The manual is not intended to be a final word in hatchery design and operation but rather a publication to document how the industry works. The authors have preferred to include proven procedures and designs rather than to orient this publication to research hatcheries that are not yet the standard of the sector.

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