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Thread: Nutrient Requirements of Sheep, 6 Revised Edition

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    Thumbs up Nutrient Requirements of Sheep, 6 Revised Edition

    Nutrient Requirements of Sheep,
    6 Revised Edition.

    by NRC

    Pages: 110
    Publisher: National Academy Press
    Edition: 6th., Revised, 1985.
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-0309035961


    The nutrient values presented are for feedstuffs of average composition, digestibility, and quality. In special cases,
    adjustments in intake should be made. Amounts of feed refer to the amount actually consumed, not offered. Failure to account for wasted food may result in gross underfeeding.
    Except for maintenance and early gestation diets, the amounts of dry matter indicated are near maximum without resulting in refusal. If higher levels or rates of production are sought via increased nutrient intake, an increase in the concentration of nutrients in the ration rather than an increase in the amount fed is necessary.

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